Cool! This man Making Wall-E Robot Being Real



United States – Still remember the movie Wall E? A tiny robot who becomes the main character in the film made by Pixar, Disney has now made manifest by a man. From the appearance, movement, until the sound made as closely as possible to the character in the film.

The man named Mike Senna, one of the robot maker from California who often appeared with the work of riveting. This time he showed off a robot as a concrete manifestation of the character of Wall E.

The robot can move, speak and interact with humans via romote control. But the coolest thing is, all the movements and sounds made such a way as to look a lot like Wall-E. Even the emotional side of this robot can be seen from appearance.

Although to be assembled from the smallest, but the manufacturer’s Wall-E quite short. Senna spend 25 hours per week with total reaches 6 months of pursuit. All this he did on the basis of a hobby and use the budget of his own pocket.

As quoted from pcadvisor, Saturday (04/08/2012), make a robot of the character animation is not the first time carried out by Senna, in 2003 ago he also had time to make a robot replica of R2-D2 character from the movie Star Wars.

Would it be in the real world is Wall-E will be united with Eve? The sophisticated robot her idol.

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