Comparison of Quality of High-End Smartphone Camera: iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S III Vs iPhone 4S

SAMSUNG vs iPhone

SAMSUNG vs iPhone

Samsung and Apple are the two competitors product tablet and smartphone world. The two companies also have their flagship product. If Apple has the iPhone 5, it comes with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you have previously been tested in benchmark comparisons against the two mobile phones, so this time the comparison is done is the quality of the camera on each smartphone:

In addition, there are some arrangements done for the third mobile phone:

– Taking pictures is done by the default camera application on their smartphone.

– Photo taken directly from the camera.

– Picture taken in New York City on the afternoon filled with light, but not direct sunlight.

And the result, the iPhone 5 has a better picture quality than the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 4S. Excess iPhone 5 camera include image quality is more attractive, faster auto-focus and be able to present images with natural color.

But that does not mean the Galaxy S III does not have an edge. This Samsung mobile phone has the advantage of focusing on the contrast and overall image plus noise level is less than both the iPhone.

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