Combat Aircraft

F-16 Falcon

F-16 Falcon

Fighter aircraft is a military aircraft designed to attack other aircraft in the air. In contrast to the bomber, designed to attack targets on the surface. Relatively smaller fighter, fast, and agile. Fighter aircraft originally developed in World War I to deal with bombers and air balloons from commonly used for ground attack and reconnaissance.

The first fighter aircraft originally a wooden double-wing fed light machine gun. In World War II, more aircraft are made of metal, single-winged, and use machine guns that are embedded in the wings. After World War II, turbojet engines began to replace piston engines, and missiles began to be used to replace the machine gun as primary weapon.

Classification is based on the generation fighter aircraft. Use of this generation was initially used in the Russian defense officials, who called the F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft the United States as a “fifth generation”.
Fighter aircraft is the aircraft used for the war in the air. Generally slender shaped aircraft, can move swiftly, bringing canon (machine gun) as well as missiles and bombs, high-speed, equipped with avionics equipment for more than a civil aircraft / passengers as opposed to radar that can detect and lock in long-distance target opponent. Moreover equipped with radar equipment and the mischievous rapscallion, until capable of “stealth” (stealth).


At first people used kites to frighten the enemy and provide information about the position of both friend and foe alike, or even to frighten the enemy. This custom made by ancient Chinese people. Then the kites equipped with a man to know in detail the position of the opponent.
Zeppelin airship discovery and development of military aircraft are also colored.

Used starting from just reconnaissance and used as bombers to bomb enemy positions. Recorded include the use of German zeppelins to bomb the British in World War I. In the course of the planes created and developed for the benefit of war and battles in particular air battle.

Based on the era
World War I Era (1911-1935)
World War II era (1939-1945)
Jet aircraft Era (1950-1970)
Completion of the Technology Era (1970-present)

Based on the function
Ambush hunting Plane
Ground Attack aircraft (Attack)
Reconnaissance aircraft
Bomber aircraft (Bomber)
Train the Fighter
Anti-Guerrilla Fighter (COIN)
Multifunction Fighter

Based on the visible / invisible radar
Conventional Fighters
Stealth fighter

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