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Technology Flyboard® Air

Flyboard® Air

Remember you will Hoverboard? Skateboard without wheels that floated above the ground? Or also Water Flyboard, other extreme sports. Not yet old extreme sport is booming, there are already competitors are even crazier. Introduce Flyboard Air, a new extreme sport which is currently still in the testing phase.

Air Flyboard if observed at a glance may work similar to Water Flyboard. But you need to know that Flyboard water use turbojet engine to produce lift that is great. If Water Flyboard very limited with the water suction hose length, then Flyboard Water may only be limited by one thing, the courage of the riders. Yes, the flying apparatus is claimed to be able to fly up to 10,000 feet or the equivalent of more than 3,000 meters!

The use of a jet engine makes Flyboard Air works similar to an airplane. Needed space for the fuel, combustion air, and that certainly is the stability of the rider. It appears also sport this new tool more widely used on the surface of the water, I suspect this was done because the hot air in the combustion engine Flyboard jet is definitely more secure if it is disposed on the surface of the water rather than on land.

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Take Your Business to New Level with Chip and Pin Machines

Most people are familiar with the usage of credit cards nowadays. This is because there are many advantages offered by credit cards compared to cash money, especially when making transaction. A single credit card offer various benefits and functions as it can be used to pay bills and to buy stuffs both online and offline. There are also a lot of credit card types which make it easier to find the one which best suits the different situation of people in the community. This is why, business owners have to start consider adding digital payment machines to support the need of credit card users in doing transaction.

By enabling your customers to do the transaction using smartcard makes your customers feel more comfortable with the payment method. They don’t have to bring a lot of money to pay for the things they buy while you get more loyal and potential customers. We all know security is priority especially when making payments, therefore it is essential for businesses to use payment machines that aren’t only easy to use but it should also offer best protection, so customer will have confidence when purchasing from us. And among so many options available, Chip and Pin can be a considerable choice to go for safe and secured payment machine. Chip and Pin is brilliant for business, as it offers features that other machines are failed to offer, such as advanced security measurement, real-time payment system, Apple Pay support, and also full support from the manufacturer for any troubles and system update.

It is important to bring innovations to our business so you can keep up with the new improvements that your customers prefer. A successful businessman is someone who is always able to adjust with the latest development. If you want to be one of those businessmen, make sure that you are always able to follow the latest development in every field related to your business and people will love to deal or having transaction with you. With all the great things it offered, Chip and PIN will make life easier.

Weapons Made in Indonesia Latest Internationalised

Senjata Buatan Indonesia Terbaru yang Mendunia

PINDAD is one of the original defense equipment company owned by the government of Indonesia. PINDAD itself produces a wide range of product variants consist of a rifle, pistol, combat vehicles and the like. Products of PINDAD itself is now being used by the Indonesian Armed Forces and the quality of its products has been recognized world-class. In fact, many countries are fascinated with the production of this PINDAD itself. One of the most became a byword in the world is a sniper rifle SPR 2. Touted 2 SPR sniper rifle can not be made by any country.

But special, particularly Pindad Indonesia has succeeded in creating such products to Indonesia. PINDAD itself has been able to produce about 40,000 weapons that are divided into various types each year. You’re curious about what products are widely diunggul Pindad-unggulkan as well as any weapon latest Pindad?
Here is a list of weapons Pindad high quality and latest types of weapons Pindad:

  • Assault Rifle SS1. This rifle has been widely used by the Army of the Republic of Indonesia and the National Police since 1988. This weapon is a rifle made by adopting and following such license FN FNC rifle weapon derived from the Belgian arms company is Fabrique Nationale or FN.

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New Smart Way to Find Used Printing Machinery

When it comes shop some machinery and equipment, you will have better chance of finding any items you possibly needed at the online market. Just as the name is, online market is a virtual market anyone can access via internet. The fast growing marketplace for everyone in around the world with approximately millions of active online shops available and the number is still counting as new shops are launched daily. And among these online shops are the ones that specifically providing machinery and equipment for everyone’s need. Whether you want new machinery or the used ones, online market will be the best place to find it at best price.


And if it’s the used printing machinery what you’ve been looking for then we’d recommend you Just as the name is, PressDepo is focused in selling various kinds of press and printing machinery as well as the equipment, suitable for small and heavy-duty printing requirement. You can always count on this site for high quality used printing machinery with exciting price deals to explore.

Not many places are offering such amazing offer like what PressDepo has inside. We all know how frustrating it could be to find a fine quality used printing machinery; you can’t even expect the local market for it. And now, things had changed that purchasing used printing machinery can be as simple as few clicks of the finger with Press Depo. Thanks to the company for making everything to be that easy for anyone to shop it. All of these items were arranged into certain sections based on its categories, dedicated to ease you finding any of items you really needed. It’s just as simple as clicking the category of item you want, and more options of it will be available for you to choose from.

Have already been around for used Flexo Printing machines, but unable to find the one with specific features or criteria you want? Well, the time has come for you to try PressDepo website where you can simply find and shop it right from your office. This is all about time and cost efficiency what you can enjoy when purchasing items at PressDepo.

Drone Controllers Must Have Permit Fly Plane



Owner drones in the United States seems to have obtained a special permit to be able to fly drones freely. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is filing regulations intended to regulate the owners of commercial drones.

According to these regulations, will the drones commercial users in the United States will have to have a license to fly a plane. Not only that, there are other regulations that must be adhered to by the owners of the drones. Among them are not allowed to fly drones in the evenings, a maximum height of 400 feet (121 meters) and can not be separated from view. The regulation, reportedly will be applied to the drones that have a weight of less than 55 pounds (22 kilograms).

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Why Do You Need CNC Machining and Precision Machining Services for Your Business?

Precision machining services involves various processes using different tools like milling machines, drill presses, and lathes to produce components of a product or the product itself. For example, sharp tools can be used to get the needed shape from the metals for cars, or to smoothen the aluminium sheets for new airplanes. Even small businesses who are involved in industrial machining could benefit a lot if they find professional services.

CNC Machining

Cost efficiency is the main advantage of hiring professional precision machining services in manufacturing your products. CNC machining can help you take full control of the available materials to maximize the yield and minimize the waste, which gives you more revenue.

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Choose the right Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard.

electric skateboard.

More and more people are choosing to use an electric skateboard because of their performance, their efficiency and the fact that they are much cheaper than other forms of transportation. As a matter of fact, many people don’t consider their electric skateboards toys anymore; they are a convenient way of travelling short distances.

So… what are the things You Should Check Before Buying Electric Skateboard .


You may be wondering whether they are very different from regular skateboards; the answer is yes, they are. They are fitted with a very light electric battery  and motor and they have smaller wheels which mean that they can travel at very high speeds; some models are able to go as high as 40km per hour which is not bad at all.

Although they are very light, they are able to carry riders as heavy as 200 pounds up steep hills without losing much speed. They are equipped with a wireless breaking system to make them safe for riding downhill.

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Do not want to miss, UPS delivery is now doing experiments using drones



Jeff Bezos has revealed its plans to use unmanned aircraft , or drones for the delivery system to the Amazon customers . It also seems to be a serious threat for companies such as UPS delivery . And that is not outdated, UPS was reportedly conducted experiments using drones in the delivery of goods .

A source revealed that UPS told The Verge . The experiments they are doing in the company’s lab . In a statement to the public , UPS said that the commercial use of drones is an exciting technology . UPS also said that they are considering to use such technology .

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The Cheapest Way to Have Your Own Credit Card Processor

In this modern world a credit card machine is not an option but it’s definitely is an electronic device that all business entrepreneurs must have. This is due to the fact that the credit card machine is very helpful for processing the payment transactions using the credit cards. This is due to the fact that today customers generally prefer to pay the transactions using the credit cards instead of using the real money for flexibility and safety reasons. This might be a disaster for many small business owners because the credit card machines commonly are very expensive so the small business owners mostly can’t afford to buy one for their small business. It also means that they will find it difficult to assist the customers and to develop the business as well.

If you’re a small business owner then you don’t have to worry about such thing since you can now use the Payleven which is a mobile card reader that also serves as a credit card processor as well. If you need to know more click here.  Payleven can be the best solution for any small business owners to grow their business bigger because with Payleven they can assist the customers if they want to pay using their credit cards. Besides, Payleven is very handy since it has the same size and same weight as a mobile phone so you can carry it everywhere you want.

When you want to use the Payleven for a credit card payment transaction you can also connect the device with any mobile printing device to get the printed receipts. Processing the credit card payment using Payleven is also very easy and quick. You’re very welcomed to visit to know more detailed specifications of Payleven and other features as well.


The world around us is constantly in motion and many of the ways in which the world is shaped use technology that was not available just a century ago. An example of this is the fact that many parts of industry are now using laser tools in order to accomplish a purpose much faster and more accurately than what was done before lasers were available. This is sometimes done on a very large scale, such as the laser powered measuring tools that was used to determine an accurate distance from the Earth to the moon. You also have the diode module laser which allows you to use various tools with low power consumption and in smaller sizes. These types of tools are not only used in industry, they help in the scientific and medical fields as well.

You’ll be interested in knowing that diode lasers may come in a variety of different colors. Most of us think about lasers in the red color and although red beams are commonly used, they are by no means the only option that is available. You can also find lasers in green, violet and blue as well as in other colors, depending upon your needs. Why are these items used in different colors? Because the color makes a difference in its ability to be seen. For example, green lasers are used when greater contrast is necessary and red lasers are used in darker conditions. Understanding these differences can help you to choose a laser that is going to be right for you and will also increase your appreciation for this common tool. (Source: Coherent Laser Tools)

Waiting for the Fun of the Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo wii u

Nintendo wii u

After merely exhibited, a lot of rumors surrounding the Wii U, from the specs, features attached to price later. Now, all that stuff about the Nintendo console champ has been clearly exposed.

Explicitly Nintendo Wii U announced the launch scheduled for December 8, 2012. This product will be available in two versions, the basic premium and the main difference lies in the sales package and color options.

Well, earlier dismissed rumors about the Wii U, the console is a complete specification that is expressed directly by Nintendo. As quoted from game informer, Monday (17/09/2012).

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The sophistication of Curiosity Mars Explorer Robot



Space agency NASA has just successfully landed a new robot named Curiosity to the planet Mars. Curiosity is the most sophisticated robot ever built by NASA.

Manufacturing costs are very large, reaching USD 2.5 billion. Curiosity is the seventh robot specifically created for NASA visited the red planet.

Over the next two years, will explore the surface of the planned Curiosity Mars. Its main mission is to investigate whether primitive life ever existed there.

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