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New Micro Jobsite for Freelance and Gig Seekers

The internet has never failed to keep us amused with its fascinating content and broad opportunity it provided. And the best thing is, while we’re observing those amazing contents provided, we also able to get connected to friends and relatives at the same time. To mention also the new job opportunity internet has, which enables anyone at anywhere around the world to either accept or give jobs to others in such pleasant way. And one of the best place you can go for it will be

Damongo is a new micro jobsite. This is the place for anyone to either offering gigs or purchasing ones from the list provided. It doesn’t have to be complicated gig. Such as simple as singing a customized birthday song would be enough to allow you post a gig here and find potential buyers that would be interested to your service. If you love to make personalized stuffs or to write a poem, simply post a gig on Damongo and see if others are excited to what you have. For those whom are familiar to other micro jobsite life Fiverr and others, you’ll realize that Damongo is a Fiverr alternative destination for anyone whom wanted to start fresh. So, if you really like Fiverr then great chance you’ll also love Damongo.

Damongo is an ideal place for those who need freelancers to do various simple things for their project, such as photo editing, product reviewing, logo designing, and many more. The price is also fairly affordable. With only $5 you’ll be able to find the experts to edit your ordinary photos into something beautiful, or to create logo for your new business. The presence of micro jobsite like will give great impacts that bridges between gig sellers and buyers that will be benefits for each party.

Things About Ludovic Biyong and You Might Never Know Before



An idea well expressed is like a design of gold set in silver. This is what is determined to achieve. The site is dedicated to transforming internet optimization by giving the society what matters most in their daily living. The site’s integrated approach of communicating news ensures that all angles of communication are aligned and delivered to all audiences at all levels in a clear, smart, succinct and steady manner. This has helped everyone who can access internet to be as much informed as everybody else.

Are you mesmerized and asking yourself who is behind this proliferating website? I know a couple of you have and have not stopped probing who this that has the heart of gold is. This is none other than LudovicBiyong. He is the one who has defied all odds to come up with where at a glimpse you will catch all trending issues in Cameroon. The whole idea of making the switch to for all your exploration is because you will get fine-tuned information in any area you are delving about in the most dignified form. LudovicBiyong should be echoed for this. Even the longest of odds are no match for his unique coalesces of ingenuity and determination in making news experience from all categories the most enjoyable to everybody in and outside Cameroon.

Born in Paris and tracing his roots in Cameroon LudovicBiyong is a young entrepreneur who is excelling in leveraging internet to generate the quintessence in news world ranging from politics, commerce, economic to social news. He delivers vintage and useful information to Cameroonians. He has expounded his services to include sports news, fashion trends and even giving out tourism consultative services and this is to say the least. The richness of this website can’t be determined by these mere words but by exploring it you will be amazed on what you will fathom through it. He also owns PA2M a small IT firm.

He is an accomplished engineer who holds a master’s degree in business engineering and works as a network and software engineer with Unisys and as a research engineer in Winwise. He is involved in various network groups and thus he is a major contributor in development and advancement of the African internet community.

His long term determination is crowdfunding where young and innovative Cameroonians can seek investors in order transform future of their country and making the best of it.

Web Design Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Finding the best website design company is a bit challenging today especially with the fierce competition on both online and offline market. Most of these companies are claiming to be better than others. We shouldn’t get easily tricked by their commercial statements and consider taking series observations or research over their services. Ask people whom ever experiencing their services for reviews or even recommendations to others whom they know it better.

And internet isn’t only a good source for beginner web owner to get access to certain web design companies, but also advanced webmasters may utilize it to find some references to various new web design ideas. We all know how it is a great deal to come up with some fresh design website layouts, and thanks to internet as now you’ll never running out of some new ideas by exploring these websites for some design layout portfolio samples.

You may browse internet for some good samples of web layout or templates, according to the CMS you’d likely to use. And for sample images of various artistic work you might need it for fresh ideas and inspirations, DeviantArt is can be a good source for it. Just explore the pages for some beauty arts and images you can use for either banner or logo of your company.

The best thing is that many of these sites are offering the web design ideas for free. These are only ideas so you have to work yourself on the codes or applications you’d likely to run on your site. Just make sure you don’t fully duplicate their design to keep your site unique.

Uniqueness of your site plays a great role on your site’s development. The more unique it is, your site will appear stand out in search engine. This also gives extra point to your site which will make it more visible to the potential buyers or readers. And if this is the first time of you dealing with all these things, you can actually avoid all the hassles and frustrations by hiring the professional web designer to help you build a nice and unique website as well as to develop it to the best.

Control Your Kids’ Online Activity Safely and Secretly

The modern technology is offering us both good and bad things. It eases us in accomplishing various tasks and jobs fast, at the same time technology also give us new threat to our beloved ones. Your kids for example, may be vulnerable victims of modern technology. They could pick the wrong path and get really influenced by the content of internet today. And if you’re one of those parents whom given their kids access to a smart-phone or mobile gadget into their hand, you’ll need to find a way to control and supervise your kids’ online activity to keep them always on the right track.

Spying on your kids’ android device would be really effective to keep things under control. By spying on their phone or android gadget, you will be able to maintain their safety without getting them feel tightly controlled. We all know how sensitive they are in their age for any restrictions. And with the right tool you can spy on their daily life without being noticed and known, for their good purpose of course. If you are curious to know more about how to spy an android device, you’re welcomed to visit is a site that was designed and dedicated to help people out there in spying certain android gadget, surely for good purposes. Here you will be taught about how it is possible to spy on certain device, things you can control, and many more. Even if you have no experience in it before may found all explanations provided on this spy my android blog is quite reasonable and easy to follow. Their spying app will allow you to do various spying tasks, such as listening to the outgoing and incoming calls, read the SMS traffic, view browsing history and block access to various unwanted websites, and many more. Planting the app to your own device would also be a good idea to ease you in tracking the phone once it got stolen or missing.

Should You Use A Professional IT Consultant For Your Business?

Technology evolves at a rapid pace; if you don’t immerse yourself in it fully, you can miss changes in the blink of an eye. If you run a business, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with technological changes, but if you hire someone who does, you can implement technologies that give you an advantage over your competitors.

Savvy business owners realize the benefits of hiring someone who is knowledgeable in technology, but they encounter a problem when they see just how expensive it is to hire someone full-time. Fortunately, there are many IT consulting firms that can offer you their services at a reduced price. When you hire a consultant from a professional firm like Cal Net Technology Group, it benefits your company in the following ways:


A good consulting firm has the ability to create and complete projects in a timely fashion; they are experts at implementing technology that helps your business succeed. When you hire a firm that can do this, it increases your business’s efficiency, and this leads to higher profits in the long-run.

When a business sets up a new technology, there’s often a steep learning curve. When you hire a professional IT consultant, they help your employees learn how to use technology quickly. This allows you to skip the growing pains that most companies have when they implement new systems, and it gets your business on its way towards success.

Resources On Demand

IT consultants form a partnership with your business, and they offer you resources when you need them. Business owners who partner with consultants save money by only paying for a consultant’s services when they are needed. If you build your own IT department, it gets very expensive, and most small businesses can’t afford to hire a team of experts.

It makes sense to get temporary help from a firm like Cal Net; they only charge you for the hours that they work on your projects. If you hire a team of full-time employees, you need to pay for their salaries, benefits and taxes. With a consultant, you simply pay them for the hours they work.

When you hire a professional consultant, you get a competitive advantage at a reasonable price. Your consultant can help you create and carry out a plan for success, and you only have to pay them for the hours that they put into your business. If you can’t afford to hire a team of expensive full-time experts, then a consultant will help your business succeed.