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Hydrogen Cooling Systems in Power Generator

Hydrogen Cooling Systems in Power Generator

It is undeniable that an electric generator is required to have an excellent cooling system to remove heat created therein. If the heat in the generator is not immediately removed, he will directly damage the generator itself. Excessive heat can damage the coils in the extreme rotor, stator, it will even burn components of the generator.

Hydrogen gas is the best choice to replace the air as the cooling medium generator primarily on large-sized generators. Hydrogen chosen because its characteristics were excellent when used as a coolant, call it a high thermal conductivity (0.168 W / m · K), its density is very light, and also a high specific heat. With these characteristics, making hydrogen 7-10 times better than air conditioning if used. This can be likened to generate the same electrical power, air-cooled generator will be sized 7-10 times greater than the hydrogen-cooled generator. Therefore, for large-sized generators, hydrogen cooling systems will become more economical than using the air conditioning. Actually, helium gas has good thermal conductivity as well (0.142 W / m · K), but because the price is much more expensive than hydrogen, then it is not used.

Generators are formed from millions of winding wire arranged in a coil on the two sides of the different sectors the rotor and stator. The coils will generate very high heat during generator operation. Hydrogen as a coolant to flow generator will envelop these coils, absorbing heat, and throw it in the cooling heat exchanger. There are two types of hydrogen in the generator cooling system commonly used is hydrogen cools the generator rotor stator at the same time, and generator with hydrogen cooling for the water on the rotor and stator side. Generators that use hydrogen coolant in the water on the rotor and stator usually large and Megawatt electricity generating over 500 MW. Read more

The Impact of Precision Engineering on Society

Modern society is driven by advances in technology. Today, there are a whole host of devices and apparatuses that have been created thanks to advances in technology that make the life of the common man easier. Technology affects every walk of life, including things like manufacturing, astronomy, transportation, and food production.

When talking about advances in technology, a person would be remiss if they did not focus on the effect that precision engineering has had in making many of the technological marvels mankind takes for granted possible. Many people think of precision engineering as something that is relatively new. However, the truth is that precision engineers have worked to make mankind’s life better for thousands of years.



Precision engineering covers the creation of precision machine tools and the creation, research, development, and manufacturing of high accuracy components and their systems.

Precision engineering takes many different scientific and engineering skills and groups them together. Precision engineering only takes place in societies where a common technological solution can be used in multiple disciplines and on multiple products. An example of this can be seen when one looks at how ancient tool making worked with astronomy and horology to eventually create some of the modern tools that are used to map the stars as well as map the planet.

Precision engineering is seen in many different disciplines. Its purpose is always to come up with an innovative way to respond to the needs and wants of society.

Throughout history, there have always been two driving forces behind the advancement of precision engineering. Number one was military and defense. The second was trade. Intermixed between these two primary driving forces were secondary forces, which include fear, pride, inquisitiveness, and greed.

It is clear that even in modern society these forces are still driving precision engineering and precision engineers. The only difference is that in modern society, trade in the economy is a more powerful force than the military.

Currently, there are many different tools and procedures that are used in precision engineering. One technique that is widely used in precision engineering is CNC milling (computer numerical control milling). This process involves using a rotating cylindrical cutting tool. However, the CNC machine has the ability to move along multiple axis, and this allows it to create a wide array of complex shapes, holds, and slots.

Military and economic forces will continue to be the driving factor behind precision engineering. The result will be new technology that will have a positive impact on the way mankind lives.

How it Works Solar Cells

Cara Kerja Sel Surya

Solar cells are devices that can light from the sun directly into an electrical energy. Solar cells are also called the media to maximize the potential of energy derived from sunlight. Although used in generating electricity, the energy of the sun can also be maximized heat through solar thermal energy. Solar cells are often used by various companies to generate electrical energy.

When getting sun exposure in general of the solar cell can produce a dc voltage of 0.5 to 1 volt, and also short-circuit currents. Large voltages and currents are not enough untu various applications. So that in general a number of solar cells arranged in series to form a solar module. In general, solar modules consist of 28 to 36 and the total solar cell can produce a dc voltage of 12 Volts in standard light conditions. The solar modules can be combined in series and parallel manner to increase the voltage and current on the corresponding output power is required in certain applications. Then how the workings of the solar cells that can harness solar energy into electrical energy? Consider the review below!

Conventional solar cells work by using the principle that such junction pn junction between p-type semiconductor and n-type. Semiconductors comes from bonding atoms have electrons as a constituent base. Each semiconductor has its own advantages such as n-type semiconductors that have excess electrons negative charge, whereas for p-type semiconductor has excess positive charge holes. Read more

Professional Civil Engineering in Sacramento

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What the Industrial Technology and Industrial Engineering?

teknik industri

What the Industrial Technology and Industrial Engineering? Technology is a discipline that, if adopted by someone then that person is called “technology”. Industrial Technology is a discipline that is necessary for man to be mastered one or all of the many things such as; designing, managing, analyzing, and other related matters within the scope of “industrial process”.

Rather tricky to distinguish between technology and engineering. “Technology” relating to discipline, components and products. Industrial technology means is the discipline of components, products and systems are used. While the “technique” is related to someone who is an expert with the methods used. More specifically, the keyword “industrial engineering” is productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency

Techniques associated with education and career. Career can be an industrial engineering student after graduation is production engineers, supply chain managers, operations analysts, quality engineers, and information system analysts. Cultivated fields are also very spacious, all kinds of businesses, companies, and governments seeking to improve performance and reduce costs requires an industrial engineering. In addition, many industrial engineering graduates who make their own business or go into consulting.

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Why Do You Need CNC Machining and Precision Machining Services for Your Business?

Precision machining services involves various processes using different tools like milling machines, drill presses, and lathes to produce components of a product or the product itself. For example, sharp tools can be used to get the needed shape from the metals for cars, or to smoothen the aluminium sheets for new airplanes. Even small businesses who are involved in industrial machining could benefit a lot if they find professional services.

CNC Machining

Cost efficiency is the main advantage of hiring professional precision machining services in manufacturing your products. CNC machining can help you take full control of the available materials to maximize the yield and minimize the waste, which gives you more revenue.

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A2, New Futuristic Aircraft

The Reaction Engines A2, 2030

The Reaction Engines A2, 2030

This latest aircraft of the future. A2.
Supersonic speed is no longer like the Concord, but it’s been hyper-sonic. Concord flew at Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound). A2, flying at five times the speed of sound (Mach 5). The aircraft is even faster than the most advanced fighter aircraft today, such as the F-16 and F-22! (the speed is Mach 2).

With aircraft, from Europe to Australia reached within 22 hours. With this plane only took 4.5 hours! The aircraft is also very eco-friendly because it uses Liquid Hydrogen fuel. Its basic ingredients and the output is basically, Air. Truly futuristic!

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electric motor

electric motor

electric motor

The electric motor is a device to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Tool that serves the opposite, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a generator or dynamo. The electric motor can be found in household appliances such as fans, washing machines, water pumps and vacuum cleaners.

Electric motors are commonly used in industry world is asynchronous electric motors, with two global standards of the IEC and NEMA. Asynchronous motors IEC-based metric (millimeters), while the electric motor of NEMA-based imperial (inch), the application there is a unit of power in horsepower (hp) or kilowatt (kW).

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C1 Ariete Main Battle Tank

C1 Ariete Main Battle Tank

Tanks are armored fighting vehicles that move using a wheel-shaped chain. The main characteristic is its patron tank which is usually a layer of heavy steel, which is a cannon big gun, and high mobility to move smoothly in all fields. Although the tank is a vehicle which is expensive and requires a lot of logistical supplies, tanks are the most powerful land weapons and all-round on the modern battlefield, because of its ability to destroy any ground targets, and the mental effect against infantry.

Tank is a very powerful combat vehicles. Even so, the tank does not operate alone. Tank used to be included in an armored unit in an integrated army, which is a combination between infantry and other cavalry. Without the support of other units, tanks, despite having a thick protective, it can be disabled by the infantry, mines, artillery, and helicopters or aircraft.

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Earth 4 Energy; Solution for Cut down Electricity Costs

Nowadays global warming issue is not only threat to human being. It is a reality and now we can feel the effects on our environment and climate. There are many green solutions available but as long as human being is still dependent on electricity, we still need fuel and give support to global warming. We might see on TV or many articles about people try to find new solution on energy generators.

Some are work well, but more of them are not. Well, for you who are looking for tool that can Generate Energy from Home Products, Earth 4 Energy can be a good solution. This is a solution which provides green energy generation method. It ca help you save on energy costs and you can get clear instructions for building solar panels in your home. We know that electricity cost is rising day by day. How if one day in the future, we can afford to pay the electricity?

This is the reason why Earth 4 Energy is created. Now you can make a unique innovative solar power system in your own home. You can cut your energy cost plus save the world from global warming. it is environment friendly and this is a way to reduce your carbon footprint. With all the benefits and affordable price, Earth 4 Energy is worth looking into.

Facebook build a Giant Field Server

The Giant Facebook data center in Lulea, sweden

The Giant Facebook data center in Lulea, sweden

Giant networking site Facebook is building a server farm in the Arctic circle. Fields that will accommodate the Facebook servers power the equivalent of the electricity used by 50,000 people.

Construction of server farms in Lulea, northern Sweden, is the first time putting up a server outside the United States. The choice of location is due to the climate there is very cold so that Facebook can use to cool the server.

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The Power Plant Using Garbage Energy

Power plant Garbage

Power plant Garbage

Waste Management pattern is still adhere to the old paradigm where the garbage is still regarded as something useless, worthless, economical and very disgusting. Community as a source of waste was never aware that the responsibility for the management of waste generated is the responsibility himself.

If the garbage – garbage that this remarkable start to be a problem for humans, then humans are aware of the lack concern for trash and began to cause panic and the haunt where – where, not knowing what to do about it.

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