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Researchers Develop Super Thin Sensors Safe To Eat

Related The main problem in the distribution of this type of fresh food to the whole world is that some foods such as meat and fish are very susceptible to decay during the delivery process. One way that is done to maintain the freshness of meat during transportation is to freeze meat or ads at a certain temperature. This prompted researchers from Switzerland to develop sensors for which can ensure cold temperatures during food delivery.

Based on information reported Ubergizmo, the researchers managed to create super-thin sensors that can monitor the temperature of food, and interesting news that these embedded sensors safe for consumption by humans. So, even if the sensor is swallowed by humans it will not cause any symptoms. Then what kind of sensor is it? This temperature-monitoring sensor has a size of 16 micrometers, which is certainly much thinner than a single human hair.

Temporarily for the materials used, these sensors are made of polymers made with corn flour and potatoes, magnesium, water-soluble silicon dioxide, and nitrides. “In preparation for transportation to Europe, fish from Japan can be equipped with a small temperature sensor, which allows them to be monitored to ensure they are kept at a cool enough temperature,” lead researcher Giovanni Salvatore said.

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RED Hydrogen One, Advanced Mobile Phone with Hologram Screen

RED is known as the camera manufacturer used by cinema. However,who would have thought that the company is now choosing to work in the smart phone businesss. They have also launchedd a new mobile phone product called RED Hydrogen One.

Known as a camera manufacturer, RED also pinned a special technology on this phone product.They embedded a 5.7-inch hologram screen. This screenn is capable of displaying hologram images in two dimensional media.With its unique technology, this phone was pegged with a super expensive tagg.

Parties RED plans to fix this phone with prices ranging from US $ 1,195. If you want to look more cool with titaniumm wrapping,you need to spend extra money as much as US $ 400 more. RED in its press release revealed that the phone is also equipped with 3D stereo audio as well as what they call the ‘4-view content’.

The phone also supports virtual technology and augmented reality. No more wearing additional eyeglasses or headsets to experience the experience. Not to forgett, this phone is also designed in a modular, can unload pairs. Inside is a connectorr that allows the addition of a device that can be used to record high-quality images, either still images or video.

The sophistication of this phone technology, will be a big jump for holographic technology in the future. The possibility of holographic technology in the movie will come true. Let’s wait its progress. Hopefully this article can provide useful information for you.

Charger Drone in the air

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 not only displays the smartphone and the latest gadgets from the world’s major vendors,but the latest technological innovations future.One of them Huawei, in addition to Huawei P10 show new handsets,Huawei P10 Plus and the latest Smartwatch, they also show the latest innovations for Drone technology.

Huawei demonstrated a unique idea, one of them is a great plan to help solve the problem of short battery life period of drones.Namely to create a wireless charging tower that can charge the battery Drone in the air without having to go down.This concept is part of Huawei X-Labs project in cooperation with China Mobile.

Previous research team identified two major problems when using drones:the battery capacity, and the GPS navigation signal interference from buildings.The proposed solution is to have a tower to improve GPS data,while providing wireless battery charging.

In the future, companies envision that the drone does not need to land at all to charge the battery. But it seems new technologies can present a few more years,because there is a new technology that enables wireless charging close to the device.Previously there had been a drone developed by wireless battery technology just that the drones can not fly away from the power source.

However, if the technology is growing rapidly,tower technology that enables wireless charge device so far is very useful for this project.

Create Your Digital Images to the real world with Robot Line-Us

Creating artwork or digital images are then printed. But it all depends on the quality of the printer, ink, and paper, and sometimes the results are not as expected.But all that could change for the better,because now will attend a small robot called Line-us.Then,what is the greatness of this little robot?

Line-us is a robot with arms that can hold a pen / pencil.Since it was accompanied by an application and Internet connectivity, Line-us will be able to follow the strokes that you make use of a stylus, finger, or mouse, which means that when you draw on the screen (or tablet),the robot will follow your movements in real-time and create whatever you’re doing right then and there.

This little robot is also able to use all kinds of pens, markers, and pencils, which means that this printer is more authentic as opposed to just relying spraying printer ink on the paper.Line-us is a pretty interesting project and the project is currently running a campaign on the site Kickstarter to raise funds. If you are interested in this project,can go directly to the Kickstarter page to find out the details of this unique project.

Reliable Virtual Assistant for Your Business

The online market is filled with so many great companies offering innovative services and solutions designed either to entertain us or to help accomplish our burdening daily tasks. is one good example for such a company that offers innovative yet useful services to help people do various kinds of tasks and assignments they possibly needed both at home and office. Yes, YourDailyTasks offer Virtual Assistant services designed to cover all our daily needs from organizing appointment, time managerial, SEO services, and many more.

We’ve tried their services before and gladly we stated that we did really satisfy with all the things this company has offered. In fact, we do still use their services until today. Long before we found we used to hire several people to keep things well organized in our business. At some cases even we elaborated several premium software and apps to support our job. And all these things aren’t come in cheap. Not to mention also the hassles of dealing with their monthly salary and payment. Things got simplified when I hired Virtual Assistant from Their wide range of services is able to accommodate all our needs, almost in all aspects of the business from the marketing, bookkeeping, until to delivering Administrative Assistant. And in the long run able to boost our business performance and get it leveled up fast.

And the best thing about, a side of the incomparable virtual assistant solutions they provided, the company has committed in keeping all their clients satisfied by providing the most reliable customer support ever existed in the market. Yes, their team of experts are always available and accessible 24/7 everyday allowing them to help and assist anyone who need them. Just tell and describe what your problems are and these professionals will work with you in figuring out the best possible solution for it fast and efficiently. Visit their site for detailed information related to Virtual Assistant provided.

New Way to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Having some text messages on your iPhone accidentally deleted could be a nightmare especially if these have important information you will need in the future. Text messages deletion on iPhone isn’t only caused by human error or accident. The fact is there are various other things that could potentially causing text messages deletion on iPhone device, such as malware infection, data corruption, operating system failures, software updates, and even factory reset. And with the increased number of iPhone users are having the exact same problem like yours; it would be a good idea to consider knowing more about iPhone text message recovery. That way, you will know what to do when such thing happen to you in the future.

The fact is, there are many places iPhone users can go to recover deleted text messages on iPhone, one of them is The site has all information and guidance for anyone to conduct iPhone recovery at home. The fact is, is professional software developer with many years of experience in the field allows them to create powerful software that could bring significances to their users. And now, iFoneMate is there to accommodate all iPhone users all around the world in recovering deleted or corrupted files within their favorite iPhone devices.

We all know how frustrating it could be for anyone to find their iPhone become malfunctioning, not to mention also the risk of having some files stored in it being corrupted or are simply disappeared from the directory. And when that happens, you can rely on the iFoneMate to find you best possible solution to solve your problem. They have the most advanced iPhone recovery software to accommodate all your need and to help recover various file formats including also text messages. And yes, their software is compatible with all iPhones across the generations.

Build Your Business’s Bottom Line In 2015


Most business owners realize that obtaining ongoing growth is contingent upon their ability to consistently earn an excellent bottom line. If you’re looking for strategies that can help you accomplish this objective in 2015, consider the following conversion optimization techniques:

1. Enhance Employee Efficacy.

One of the most effective ways to improve your business’s bottom line is to enhance employee efficacy. Luckily, there are millions of ways that you can facilitate the type of personal and professional development that will help your employees work at their optimal levels. The single most effective strategy you can implement is ongoing educational classes. Educational courses foster internal motivation and self-efficacy by providing employees with the knowledge necessary to improve their skill sets, utilize contemporary methodologies, and optimize their communication capacities. In addition to focusing on ongoing educational classes, consider the value of promoting from within. Doing so will oftentimes give your employees the motivation necessary to optimize their work performance.

2. Optimize Your Daily Operations.

Optimizing your daily operations is another great way to ensure that your business obtains a better bottom line. One great way to put the optimization process in motion is with the use of state of the art, savvy time clocks that quickly and accurately record the number of hours your employees have worked. Companies like Allied Time provide clients with traditional and innovative time clock options that will make the recording of employee hours a smooth and seamless process.

3. Implement Effective Networking Strategies.

Business growth is in large part contingent upon meeting new people. This is the case because the new people you meet will oftentimes become your customers or business partners. Since this is so, it’s a good idea to spend time implementing effective networking strategies that will help make the process of establishing connections easy and effective. One of the most important skill sets you can cultivate in order to network effectively is effective communication. Luckily, there are millions of online courses you can take in order to enhance and optimize your communication skills. Also keep in mind that networking doesn’t have to transpire in an explicitly professional setting, which means that you can use events like bowling parties and baby showers to optimize connectivity.

Start Growing Now

Don’t put off the process of building your business. Instead, get things going and growing immediately by enhancing employee efficacy, optimizing your daily operations, and implementing effective networking strategies. Once you do so, you’ll likely undergo a profoundly positive, powerful growth stage.

Make Use of your New 4K TV with a Fireplace Video

Have a 4K TV sitting nicely in your living room? Wanted to do something amazing with it other than watching movies or playing video games all day long? Well, by setting up rightly, your 4K TV can also be a perfect medium for you to be fully relaxed and feel comfortable. One of the best ways to do it is by playing relaxing ultra-HD videos into it. With good selection of videos, your TV will work well to keep you comfortable and fully relaxed at the same time. It’s always good to have something to keep you relaxed especially after a long hard day at work, and the best thing is that it’s cheaper than any other alternative options available.

Just whenever you interested to make use of your new 4K TV, you can visit Uscenes Relaxing Videos page on Youtube. The team will assist you on Make Use of your New 4K TV with a Fireplace Video, by providing the video materials you can purchase from their official site. You can find, browse, and tried many kinds of sample videos from their products by simply visiting their Youtube page. They have plenty of relaxing videos taken on various natural environments to choose from, such as aquarium, waterfall, beach, wheat field, and many more. All these videos are in ultra-HD format with crystal clear quality of video designed to be played on your 4K TV.

So, whether you are interested in having best quality 4K fireplace video or any other videos as your ultimate relaxation source, you are recommended to visit Uscenes Relaxing Videos for the best options available. These sample videos they provided on their Youtube page is intended to allow 4K TV owners to try out the videos onto their TV set and see if this is what they are exactly wanted. And to consider purchasing the premium version of the videos from their official site, without any add and texts displayed on screen, for full pleasure.

The Next Generation of Biomimetic Robot: Melissa Robot

The modern technology has never failed to keep us impressed. After the tech community been amazed with the digital launch of hover board prototype recently, now we’re about to be impressed with the new generation biomimetic robot called Melissa Robot. Unlike most other robot-alike been developed previously, the new Melissa Robot, which is developed by Favis, Inc. is designed to be a lot like us, both anatomically and in its learning behavior. Melissa Robot built up using hard skeleton as the base of its anatomy, wrapped with soft muscles designed to contract in similar way like ours.

And what makes Melissa Robot is outstanding compared to others is not because of the physical appearance it has, but mostly due to the virtual learning applied to her. Yes, unlike most other robot that are developed under real-world training and mainly rely on trial-and-error learning, Melissa is developed under virtual learning environment which is more efficient and is truly effective. So during the development process, Melissa is taught on how to do various types of actions or movement, such as standing, walking, getting up from ground, and many more, virtually. That way, when the training is finished, Melissa will then be able to do these tasks in real world.

Even though Melissa Robot is still under development, but Favis, Inc. has welcomed anyone whom interested to own Melissa Robot to do a pre-order. Yes, those hobbyists, robot enthusiasts, collectors, or even fellow robot developers can do the pre-order and be the first to own Melissa Robot when it finally hit the market. Favis, Inc. even uploaded official videos of Melissa Robot via Youtube allowing people to get first sight of how Melissa look like and how it will be in the future. Anyone can easily to find more information about Melissa Robot and the progress been made by visiting the official website of Favis, Inc. for One-Stop Bootstrap Theme Shopping Online

For anyone looking for high quality bootstrap themes for their personal or business website, now they can always count on the For you to know, is an online portal site for bootstrap themes and templates. By visiting this site, one will be able to get access to hundreds or even thousands of highly designed and fully responsive bootstrap themes for their sites. These are professionally-made themes you will find at and the list will always be updated regularly so people will have something new to check and browse each time they visited the site.

Being realized or not, Bootstrap is currently being considered as the most popular HTML5 and CSS3 framework with many developers are converting their conventional framework to Bootstrap nowadays. And with the increased number of users it has today, this comes without any reason. Many people love to use Bootstrap to develop and redesign their wordpress templates and themes is mainly because of the efficiency and versatility the framework has offered. Compared to the themes been developed under any other platform, the one with Bootstrap is proven to be more responsive, intuitive, and stylish. We all want to have a sleek and stylish website as well as also highly responsive to keep visitors happy and satisfied, and all these can be achieved with Bootstrap framework.

And now people don’t have to look further to be able to find high quality bootstrap themes, they can always put their highest expectations from As an exclusive Bootstrap theme marketplace BootstrapHunter is there to accommodate both developers and end-users to find each other. It facilitate both parties to which developers can easily to submit their premium theme and find potential buyers for it right away from BootstrapHunter. Even though the site is being launched recently, but they work professionally by prioritizing the customer’s satisfaction above all.

PSD to WordPress Conversion by

Have some troubles in converting PSD to WordPress? Now that shouldn’t be any more a problem to you since is there to solve the problem. The company has lines of expert coders ready to help you with the conversion, and guaranteed the best quality coding result on your design. We all know how frustrating it could be to convert PSD designs to WordPress especially with the advanced coding capabilities are required to accomplish the job. And instead of doing DIY conversion with big risk of ruining the design along the way, you can maintain high quality result by outsourcing the service from instead.

PSD to WordPress conversion isn’t an overnight job. In fact, one has to go through a lot of practicing and training to be able to give best conversion outcome. And if you’re kind of those people whom wanted to make things a lot easier and simpler to do the conversion then is the best place to go for it. Their experts will always be accessible 24 hours every day to which you can ask them for help and assistance related to conversion PSD to WordPress whenever you need it. That kind of service cannot be easily found at any other places and companies out there. isn’t a new company in the field. They have tremendous amount of experiences and expertise to accommodate all your conversion needs. Customers’ satisfaction is their priority, which is why the team will always do their best to keep their clients happy and satisfied. You can be their next happy customer by ordering their service. Everything is designed to be easy and simple at First you place an order, then you make the payment, and after get the confirmation the team will work on your project right away. In most cases, the job will be done quicker than you might expected.


When formatting or designing a website, many people are normally stuck as to which application is better between Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. There are many factors to consider when choosing between CSS 3 and JavaScript but the issue of responsiveness should definitely be a major consideration when working on your web pages. First, it is important to note that CSS is designed to work with XML or HTML thus giving more control to web developers and users over their layouts including positioning, styling and display designing. The advantage is that CSS animations and snippets are basic and simpler as far as web page designing and styling is concerned. On the other hand, JavaScript is more complex and offers greater interactions and functions for web pages

Using CSS3 media query helps make your website responsive to all screen sizes as you create a flexible framework that allows images and text to shrink and adjust based on the browser and device being used. With responsive design, you can use media queries that give you a wide range of options allowing layouts including images, colors, and text and fonts styles to change depending on the size of the device screen in use. On the contrary, conventional JavaScript allows for more adaptive designs thus making it possible to design webpage at different sizes for different gadgets. This means that the web pages do not respond when loaded but instead detects the kind of device in use and loads the properly sized layout for view.

The conventional JavaScript animations are known to be quiet slow compared to the rather faster CSS3 animations. This makes the latter more advantageous for enhanced user-experience which translates to a better marketing campaign. Cascading Style Sheets have better hardware acceleration which can be broken down into two elements namely GPU involvement and the ability to use a special CPU thread for animation related calculations.

GPU is well optimized for various tasks such as applying transform matrices, moving pixels and opacity thus helping browsers to offload these tasks from CPU to GPU. This is done by isolating the animated components onto their individual GPU layers thus making it easy for the GPU to move the pixels around and merging them together, saving a large amount of pixels in form of layers. Using CSS3 snippets and animations helps the different browsers to verify the elements that should get GPU layers thus resizing and positioning them accordingly.

CSS3 offers a much easier learning language than conventional JavaScript thus offering an extra aesthetic to websites to make them more attractive and interactive. Additionally, CSS3 offers smaller codes which can be easily worked straight into the standard style sheets thus making it possible to browse without making too many HTTP requests. This also reduces the overall amount of loading time required to access web pages thus enhancing the speed in different devices. It is important to note that speed is a major factor when it comes to Google search ranking and this gives CSS3 and edge over conventional JavaScript especially in SEO campaigns. Google has adopted the use of site speed as a factor in algorithm ranking to encourage developers and designers to enhance user-experience online.