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Operating System World’s Largest Smartphone

4 OS

Today there are 4 Largest Smartphone OS; Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Likewise, one who is a “big one” continues to grow from year to year, and arguably belongs to Android. But not least those who remained loyal to the iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Android is the OS with an open system, while the other is closed and exclusive. Operating system on a smartphone is the incorporation of personal computer operating systems with other features, including a touch screen, cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS mobile navigation, camera, video recording, voice recorder, music player, NFC, infrared, DLNA, MHL to HDMI and others are likely to continue to grow. This is why people call a smartphone, which is a small computer in your hand that can do anything for their daily needs, business and entertainment.While the increasingly rapid development of technology and emerging new name phablet (combination of smartphones and tablets) is a smartphone with a 5 inch wide screen above.

The following data shows 4 Smartphone operating system; Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, following information;

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What the Industrial Technology and Industrial Engineering?

teknik industri

What the Industrial Technology and Industrial Engineering? Technology is a discipline that, if adopted by someone then that person is called “technology”. Industrial Technology is a discipline that is necessary for man to be mastered one or all of the many things such as; designing, managing, analyzing, and other related matters within the scope of “industrial process”.

Rather tricky to distinguish between technology and engineering. “Technology” relating to discipline, components and products. Industrial technology means is the discipline of components, products and systems are used. While the “technique” is related to someone who is an expert with the methods used. More specifically, the keyword “industrial engineering” is productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency

Techniques associated with education and career. Career can be an industrial engineering student after graduation is production engineers, supply chain managers, operations analysts, quality engineers, and information system analysts. Cultivated fields are also very spacious, all kinds of businesses, companies, and governments seeking to improve performance and reduce costs requires an industrial engineering. In addition, many industrial engineering graduates who make their own business or go into consulting.

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Why is it better to buy at Bluehost?

Bluehost is offering to its customers the best of all compared to the other web hosting companies. Another feature that makes Bluehost different from the other web hosting companies is that it doesn`t rely on the sources that are coming from the outside. Assigning to bluehost is affordable to everyone even for those with lower budget. Unlike most of the web hosting companies, the bluehost hosting provider is doing the most of its services in-house and there are often backup services. Bluehost is ranking among the top 20 web hosting companies all over the world.

Purchasing with coupons

There are over 20 bluehost coupons which bluehost customers are able to use them and to save money. When purchasing with coupons and having so many discounts anytime especially on certain days like Black Friday and many other holidays, you may get the wanted things with even Bluehost Coupon Codes: 50% off Discounts. Promotional code is such a good thing when purchasing and getting the things even at lower price. On the other hand, if you want to get a free domain you are obliged to buy the whole hosting package which is 50% off than the normal purchase. If you are already assigned to bluehost but suddenly changed your mind make sure that the whole amount of money you will get back. For other huge discounts you can also check

Technical support

There is a team consisting of experts that is working 24/7 for its customers. When you are a beginner and still don`t know which service best fulfills your needs, the bluehost team is here to guide you and give assistance through the set-up process. You have access to technical support at any time there occurs a problem, also you can do it with discounts and coupons that are offered by bluehost in which case you tend to savings your family budget. So whenever there occurs a problem, feel free to call and the problem will be fixed immediately, not like the others  web hosting companies which take hours or days to activate and to fix the problem.

Shared hosting

Every customer`s entire account have automatically daily, weekly or monthly backups. Now it is easy to track, purchase, update, transfer and administer in one place all of your domains. When bluehost technology recognizes websites using excessive resources, re-assigns the websites to isolated system. If your website is progressing well with the passage of the time you can move to more powerful options. You can also create and govern unlimited e-mail account. With special tools it is easier to direct your websites, files, domains and so on with the involvement of enhanced interface which is built on cPanel from a central location.

VPS hosting

If you want to use open source technology, VPS hosting is the real thing. It is easy and powerful for using. Your websites are always performing at optimal levels because of the use of high performance components. As a result of the implementation of KVM hypervisor, your resources are available at any time. Unlike most of the VPS hosting services which take hours or days to activate, bluehost VPS service is made to provision immediately. Server expansions are enabled and priced without asking for the admin assistance as a result of the improved cPanel.

Lookeen by Axonic for Advanced Windows Search Solution

There will be the time when you need to find some specific entries within your outlook documents. In that case, you’ll rely on the Windows Search feature provided in default by Microsoft, to which its initial purpose is to help users in searching and finding files from the system and outlook. However, due to some reasons, Windows Search sometimes failed to do its job. There are many reasons why Windows Search feature unable to find some specific files, some because the Windows Search has been designed by default to exclude the search on certain folders and locations within the PC’s system itself. So what can we do about that?

One of the best solutions available for it will be Lookeen. As is presented at, the new app is designed to optimize and improve the Windows Search feature available in the desktop. Lookeen bring the Windows Search to the next level that it extend the search capability as well as bypass the limitation and exclusion set by the default. With Lookeen, users will be able to reach even the bottom part of their system file directory and allows them to find any items they possibly needed. The app will come in handy when anyone is trying to find some files located deep inside the system files.

And the best thing about Lookeen is that it can also be integrated to email account and outlook, so users will be able to search for specific entries within their emails according to the keywords they entered. This will surely save them much time and efforts, especially when they need to find some specific entries within their desktop system and emails, and due to some reasons they need to do it multiple times. Imagine how it could be a frustrating job to look on some entries on emails and outlook while we only have limited time available to do so, and now it can be solved with the help of Lookeen.

Lookeen is compatible to various Outlook version, from 2003 to 2013, and all versions in between. So whether user has the older version of Microsoft Office installed on their desktop, they will still be able to have Lookeen installed and operated flawlessly on their machine. The application is also easy to install with easy-to-understand user interface, so that even regular desktop users will still be able to accomplish the installation process and utilize the application optimally.

Lookeen is initiated, designed, developed, and launched by Axonic, an international software developer with many years of experience in the field. The development team is consisted of the best people in the field to which end-users can always rely on them for the best quality products as well as full supports whenever it needed. The updates are always provided for the eligible Lookeen users where they can easily to get and install these important updates whenever it launched, for free. With the right configuration, Lookeen app will be able to check and retrieve the updates, and to install it automatically.

Understanding the Definition Retina display and Advantages


Understanding the Definition Retina display and upside – When introduced the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs explained that the smartphone is equipped with Retina Display technology, this technology is still used Apple until the iPhone 6.


How to understand the definition Retina Display and benefits of features that can be taken by an iPhone user? complete the following explanation:

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Microsoft’s launch of the Lumia 640 XL 13MP Carl ZEISS and Lumia 640

Lumia XL

Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640. Both XL phone is intended for mid-range, running Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Denim can be upgraded to Windows 10 end of 2015. The average user to simply play the video and smooth surfing fun please buy the Lumia 640 , while for photography lovers XL models Lumia 640 is the right choice that is equipped with a 13MP camera with Carl ZEISS optical sensor. This time the phone from Microsoft really reliable for lovers of Windows than the first time they released the Lumia 535.

BARCELONA, Spain March 2, 2015, at the Mobile World Congress 2015, Microsoft Corp. introduced the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, two new smartphones are upgradeable to Windows 10, which offers a more personal computing, better than Microsoft’s previous Lumia.

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Samsung supplies DRAM LPDDR4 for LG and Apple


To be the top in the category of the largest semiconductor company, Samsung Electronics, reportedly will supply DRAM LPDDR4 for LG and Apple, it will be used on their latest devices, either mobile or tablet. And, as we know that DDR4 DRAM, has appeared on the LG G Flex 2, which was introduced at the 2015 CES tech show recently held in Las Vegas in early January last.

Samsung DDRAM LPDDR4 made on the 20nm manufacturing process, comes with a 50% faster than LPDDR3 memory, and also consumes 40% less power at 1.1 volts, compared with LPDDR3 at 1.8 volts. The new chip data transfer speeds can be as high as 3,200Mbps per pin – twice the speed of current produced LPDDR3 20nm DRAM.

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New Place to Buy Premium Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

It is essential to be a smart shopper today, since stuff prices are getting more and more expensive each day. It is easy to be a smart shopper. All you have to do is find the right store that sell stuffs that you need with best price. Shopping online is best choice as well. We can find almost everything at online market, including also the new phone cases, skins, and even covers that are not yet available at the local stores. We all know how difficult it is for us to find waterproof case for iPhone 6 locally, by going online will give you better opportunity to go.

In case you need to buy waterproof case for iPhone 6, you can always try Not only the website is offering us with high quality iPhone case for best protection, they also offering all these stuffs at much reasonable pricing. They have lower pricing when compared to other stores, which that means extra savings on your pocket. With the premium material warranty and good pricing offered, there are enough reasons for any iPhone 6 users to consider purchasing premium cases here. They also accept various payment method and is ready to ship the products worldwide.

There are many new iPhone cases available at They always updated the collections regularly so you’ll always find new items to explore each time visiting the site. Their premium iPhone 6 cases are easy to apply and remove with no residue, no mess, and no fuss. The stylish design and high quality material will highlight your style and make sure your investment will last for years. Check the site for extra discount, since they often provided discount codes for new shoppers to enjoy. So, stop purchasing iPhone cases from random places as they tend to offer you over-priced items that failed to give best protection to your phone.

iPhone 6C will be released by Apple in the Material Plastic?


Technology is growing. Renowned providers also do not want to miss the latest technology creates such example is the current mobile technology can not be abandoned by its users. Getting back here more and more people who use advanced communication technology called mobile phone. So with a very easy and not difficult to communicate with his fellow within close or far away.

One of his famous mobile phone provider apple iPhone. Who has made several best mobile phone type.

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Octa Core processor chip 64-bit MediaTek Grin Slow Motion Video Recording 1/16


Qualcomm today is known as a manufacturer of the world’s largest mobile processor chip. But little by little, began to gnaw brand name MediaTek US company. What’s newest product, the chip 64-bit processor core MediaTek MT6795 octa fact, can be used to record video in slow motion.

The processor chip has not been formally introduced to the market by MediaTek. However, they have launched a teaser video showing the capabilities of the chip. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the chip it can be used to record video in slow motion. In the video, shows MediaTek slow motion video in two modes, namely playback mode 1/4 and 1/16 mode.

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Amazing Place to Find Software Discount Coupons

There are so many good reasons why people love the online market, mostly because online shops are mostly offering awesome pricing on items they sell. Indeed, compared to the local shops, you will most likely find much better pricing by going online. The reason for this is mainly because running an online shop requires less operational cost, in which it enables seller to give better price offer to the customers.

And what many don’t know is the fact that these online merchants are often offering special pricing for targeted buyers in a form of discount coupon. This isn’t a printed coupon but more like a virtual coupon in which seller may input the code attached on the coupon to be eligible for the special pricing.

If you are looking for special discount coupons for software products available in the market today, you may want to check The site has list premium software in which you can find the coupons for better pricing. Take example if you are planning to buy Norton premium account then you possibly want to check Software4Pro where the latest Norton discount coupons are provided inside. This also the best place for anyone seeking for valid Acronis coupon, since the site always make sure every discount coupon offered inside are truly valid and usable for your next shop. isn’t a new site and they have been in the business for many years now offering various free discount coupons for countless number people. And they’d try their best to do so in the next many years ahead. This isn’t an easy task but the team always do their best effort to give people new way of purchasing premium software at much lower pricing. So if you’re planning to buy a software soon you better go check Software4Pro for chance to find discount coupons to use.

4K UltraHD Television Technology


UltraHD TVs become the latest innovation to spoil the user’s eyes television through super high resolution display. Standard display previously called “4K” since late 2012 has had an official name UltraHD. To be able to carry the label “UltraHD”, the Consumer Electronics Association requires a product for at least capable of delivering native 4K video at a resolution of 3840 × 2160 without upconverting. Means there are eight million pixels (8 megapixels) image data are displayed as well.

Early 2014, Ultra HD 4K technology has been introduced through the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 in Las Vegas. Is a leading electronics manufacturers LG and Samsung introduce Television 77 “Ultra HD 4K Curved OLDE TV (TV curved), with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 resolution is not really a true standard.

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