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Highster Mobile Coupon, a New Trend for Shopping

Some people, especially for those who are addicted to shopping or we called as shopaholic may find it difficult to hold their desire back to buy many things at once. These days, you do not to worry about that again. Those worries can be solved with mobile coupon. Mobile coupon will provide coupon tickets directly in to your cell phones that can be exchanged for discount when buying product or service. The coupon tickets usually are offered as a sales promotion and can be used in retail stores. There are many mobile coupon providers that can be chosen in order to get special discount. You can find them through websites online. One of the best mobile coupons is highster mobile coupon.

Highster Mobile Coupon

Highster Mobile Coupon is a mobile coupon provider that can be used to obtain coupon discount tickets. All you need to do is install the application and operate it. By using this mobile coupon app, you can get the latest news about promotions, special offer, and coupon codes. You can also check the app and how it works from the website. The website also provides you with lot information about coupon available and also how to get the pro coupon version of highster mobile app.

The highster coupon mobile website can be accessed through  It is mainly about online coupon codes and also special offers. However, the website also provides and offers some added features related to the products. When you want to use highster mobile coupon you can also get highster mobile spy software. This app can help you monitoring activities in your phones. You will be able to access secret messages, emails, or phone calls in a short time. by using this app, you do not need to worry about the security of your privacy.

Lookeen by Axonic for Advanced Windows Search Solution

There will be the time when you need to find some specific entries within your outlook documents. In that case, you’ll rely on the Windows Search feature provided in default by Microsoft, to which its initial purpose is to help users in searching and finding files from the system and outlook. However, due to some reasons, Windows Search sometimes failed to do its job. There are many reasons why Windows Search feature unable to find some specific files, some because the Windows Search has been designed by default to exclude the search on certain folders and locations within the PC’s system itself. So what can we do about that?

One of the best solutions available for it will be Lookeen. As is presented at, the new app is designed to optimize and improve the Windows Search feature available in the desktop. Lookeen bring the Windows Search to the next level that it extend the search capability as well as bypass the limitation and exclusion set by the default. With Lookeen, users will be able to reach even the bottom part of their system file directory and allows them to find any items they possibly needed. The app will come in handy when anyone is trying to find some files located deep inside the system files.

And the best thing about Lookeen is that it can also be integrated to email account and outlook, so users will be able to search for specific entries within their emails according to the keywords they entered. This will surely save them much time and efforts, especially when they need to find some specific entries within their desktop system and emails, and due to some reasons they need to do it multiple times. Imagine how it could be a frustrating job to look on some entries on emails and outlook while we only have limited time available to do so, and now it can be solved with the help of Lookeen.

Lookeen is compatible to various Outlook version, from 2003 to 2013, and all versions in between. So whether user has the older version of Microsoft Office installed on their desktop, they will still be able to have Lookeen installed and operated flawlessly on their machine. The application is also easy to install with easy-to-understand user interface, so that even regular desktop users will still be able to accomplish the installation process and utilize the application optimally.

Lookeen is initiated, designed, developed, and launched by Axonic, an international software developer with many years of experience in the field. The development team is consisted of the best people in the field to which end-users can always rely on them for the best quality products as well as full supports whenever it needed. The updates are always provided for the eligible Lookeen users where they can easily to get and install these important updates whenever it launched, for free. With the right configuration, Lookeen app will be able to check and retrieve the updates, and to install it automatically.

Pximity Mobile App: Changing the Way We Network


The modern technology has never failed to excite us all with new inventions every day. The technology has changed the way we connect with others, searching for jobs, and even to buy things. These amazing services and apps are nothing but to simplify one’s daily activity and tasks, for that everything will be faster, easier, and also cheaper. See how short messaging service had replaced telegraph for its faster and cheaper messaging system. And to mention also various other great services the modern age has offered us until today.

And one of the biggest inventions that would give major advantages to people worldwide is Pximity Mobile App. Pximity is an amazing app that would change the way people build network. While most other online networking apps and websites are focused on how to connect us with people we already know or their mutual friends, Proximity allows us to localize the friend search by giving us reference and recommendations to people near us. This is simply because Pximity use the GPS to locate our place as well as to find fellow Pximity members or users within our range.


Building a good network with professionals and businesses in our town is getting easier with the help of Pximity. Yes, Pximity is not only designed to help you find professionals based on the nearby location, but also businesses. Take example you just landed on a new town and wanted to find certain service or dining places nearby to go, Pximity MobileApp will be a handy solution to it. Just simply execute the app and let it scan the area for then you’ll find the results showing up to your gadget. As it utilize GPS service, you will then be able to get exact location of its whereabouts including also addresses as well as also brief information related to the person or businesses you’d like to go to.

Resilient Online App to Check HTTP as You Go

Being a good webmaster isn’t only about designing and launching a website. One has to be sure their website runs smoothly as they expected and that is a good webmaster all about. While many years ago web builders had to do the coding themselves on almost all aspects of the web building project, now everything is getting easier for them with the help of those simple software and program. So, instead of working on everything on their own, now there are free programs they can use for various simple things related to their website. And one of them is offered by is offering a simple yet powerful program designed to help webmasters in checking and evaluating their server response through variables and browsers. The fact is, how people would really enjoyed visiting your website determined by various factors, and beautiful page design isn’t the only thing that matter. How fast your server response to every page loading request impact heavily to the visitors’ conveniences. That means if your server often down or has serious slow loading time then people wouldn’t hesitate to leave the page immediately. You’ll never know how much you lost until you tried Bulk HTTP Status Checker offered at Yes, you can check multiple URLs at once.

Therefore, as you might have installed everything needed for your website, had designed the layout of the page, and content had already uploaded, it would be a good idea for you to check the HTTP status right after you launched the site online. This will allow you to know what your visitors have experienced and see if something wrong on some of the pages. The allows you to check the URL via other browsers through the simulation provided. Whether you’re a novice webmaster or the advanced one, you may want to bookmark for easier accessing it later.

Google Translate will Can Deciphering Posts in Picture and Auto Detect Conversations in Real Time

google translate

google translate

Google’s translation service capabilities will be increasingly sophisticated. New features are ready to be presented by Google for that product. The newest feature is the ability to interpret the words in real time to the file is an image and the ability to detect and interpret the conversation is being conducted.

google translate.

The ability to interpret the words written in the picture thanks to technology owned by Word Lens. As is known, the application Word Lens is a translation software which is used to interpret the writing on the image. This application is first released for iOS in 2010. And, Google also has formally acquired the World Lens in May 2014 ago.

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What You Should Know About Columnar Database Platform

Database management system is an application or program designed to manage database so that it could retrieved and used, with possibility of accepting new queries in such efficient way. And today, there are several kinds of database management method being applied, mostly divided into two category, row based database management and the column based one. Compared to the previous method, the columnar database offer more benefits and advantages, including extra efficiency in effort and storage space.

Unlike the regular database system which used row based managerial system, the columnar database has greater benefits to offer, such as the improved analytic performance. In modern age nowadays where everything need to be fast and excellent, columnar database system is highly required to accommodate our fast-pace today’s lifestyle. It is also known for the suitability for better compression of space. With columnar system in which it serves multiple strings and indexes at once, this will avoid it from repeated indexing which may slow the performance and also expand the storage usage.

And as with the benefits, there comes also disadvantages of columnar database system you should know about. And these drawbacks are including longer load time due to complexity of conversion to and from columnar system, reduced performance when handling common-sized database, require data compression which may slow down the system, and also there is no one-size-fit-all system in columnar database system.

And despite of all the advantages and disadvantages, the columnar database system is indeed offering simpler method of database managerial. It is easier to understand and open new possibility for advanced database platforms in the future based on this columnar system.

For more information about columnar database including how it works, samples of the database, and also the application of it in the real world, you can simply check the Read the content of the slideshow given and get yourself more knowledge about columnar database system.

TouchTalent to Share Your Creativity

The internet is giving us new opportunities to show and broadcast our talents for the world to see. No matter what talent you have, either it is painting, sculpting, or even dancing, you can choose between multiple online media to upload and share your talent to others. And if you’re a talented painter or drawer, now the time has come to show the world about what you are capable of, simply by using TouchTalent App.

TouchTalent is a new Android app developed by TouchTalent team to help people share and discover talents from all around the world. You can easily to upload your artworks, it could be photos, digital work, or even scanned pencil drawing, and share the world about what you have. This is a nice, clean, yet powerful app where you can easily to browse over various entries and to use it to any way you like, from sharing it to your facebook network, via whatsapp, as profile picture, and any other ways possible to go.

If you are fans of DeviantArt, you’ll love TouchTalent app. Even more, many users have stated that TouchTalent is so much better than the DeviantArt. It’s quite reasonable considering the fact that TouchTalent has already thousands of users and members always logging in to it all the time. This is the best place you can go to display your artworks and get feedback from the viewers as you go.

And the best thing, TouchTalent is available for free at the Google PlayStore. You can easily to go and download the app right from the PlayStore and get connected to the community almost instantly. The sky is the limit for you to share your creative side to the world. Read the user guidance and ToS first before you start sharing anything just to be sure you won’t violate any rules and terms applied.

Mobizen for the Most Powerful Android Mirroring App Today

There is no other better solution of synchronizing your smartphone and PC than using Mobizen. With the innovative services they offered, Mobizen is there to offer more than just smartphone to PC synchronization but also to mirror it in real-time. By usng Mobizen, you will be able to do various things on your smartphone via your PC unit, including viewing videos recorded on your phone, making calls, sending texts, and many more. This is the perfect choice for anyone whom always in front of their computer and want their phone to be also accessible from their PC screen.

While other phone to PC sync apps are only offer very limited access of synchronization from the phone, the Mobizen offers full access to any features and functions on your phone. It’s just like having an extended screen for your phone. With Mobizon, everything you’d do with your phone now can be done in much larger screen. Watching those videos stored on your phone will be more exciting with the large screen playback feature it has. And to mention also music streaming capability it offered, which allow you to stream the music and to play it on any device you want.

There are not many of Android mirroring applications available today and if you want the one with reliable support and service, you can always count on the Mobizen for the best of it. Until today, app has been used by thousands android users worldwide. And mostly they feel satisfied with everything the application has provided. There are many reasons why people love Mobizen than the others, mainly it’s because Mobizen allows users to install the app and get full access to all features and services without having to root the phone first. It’s easy to install and navigate that newbies will be able to operate it optimally.

Control Your Kids’ Online Activity Safely and Secretly

The modern technology is offering us both good and bad things. It eases us in accomplishing various tasks and jobs fast, at the same time technology also give us new threat to our beloved ones. Your kids for example, may be vulnerable victims of modern technology. They could pick the wrong path and get really influenced by the content of internet today. And if you’re one of those parents whom given their kids access to a smart-phone or mobile gadget into their hand, you’ll need to find a way to control and supervise your kids’ online activity to keep them always on the right track.

Spying on your kids’ android device would be really effective to keep things under control. By spying on their phone or android gadget, you will be able to maintain their safety without getting them feel tightly controlled. We all know how sensitive they are in their age for any restrictions. And with the right tool you can spy on their daily life without being noticed and known, for their good purpose of course. If you are curious to know more about how to spy an android device, you’re welcomed to visit is a site that was designed and dedicated to help people out there in spying certain android gadget, surely for good purposes. Here you will be taught about how it is possible to spy on certain device, things you can control, and many more. Even if you have no experience in it before may found all explanations provided on this spy my android blog is quite reasonable and easy to follow. Their spying app will allow you to do various spying tasks, such as listening to the outgoing and incoming calls, read the SMS traffic, view browsing history and block access to various unwanted websites, and many more. Planting the app to your own device would also be a good idea to ease you in tracking the phone once it got stolen or missing.

Tips to improve the productivity of your sales reps

The job of the sales representatives is very difficult as they have to constantly interact with the clients, maintain the contact history, reply to their emails, schedule meetings, and manage the accounts.  All these manual tasks not only leave them little time for anything else, but also results in a huge impact on the productivity of the company. Here are some useful tips for any sales manager that will help to improve the productivity of the sales representatives and thereby increase sales.

Equip them with the latest technology

The productivity and growth of any company is largely dependent on the accuracy and the completeness of the CRM. When you do it manually, it is naturally prone to some human errors. So it is important for the sales reps to have access to special sales management software to make it easy for them to maintain the CRM.

Training on marketing strategies

Like any other field, the marketing industry is also evolving with new trends. It is always a good idea to get your sales rep trained on some of the important marketing strategies you want them to use. Although it will keep them away from doing their routine tasks for a while, it will pay in the long term by aiding in increasing sales.

Virtual sales meetings

Meeting with your sales reps once in a week would help in knowingthe status of their work and also understand the updated numbers on the revenue. But have you ever realized that this is not going to help in improving the productivity anyway and it is only killing their valuable time? In some big organizations, the sales reps are spending more time in the meetings with their organizations heads than with the customers. This could be easily avoided by holding a virtual meeting or simply sending out quick notes over email as it will save everyone’s time.

Analyzing the team

A good manager should understand his team like no-one else. Walk in their shoes to find out the challenges that they are facing in dealing with the clients, or finding a lead. Analyzing the performance of every individual and motivating them is very important.

Initiate an Internet Marketing Program

The most challenging task for the sales manager is to make his team find more leads and keep them busy round the clock. Initiating a marketing program through social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn helps in finding more leads.

Most importantly, equipping the team with the right software is very crucial for improving the productivity. Floating Apps would be your best bet if you are looking for an affordable cloud-based sales management software. The AutoMagicSync app does a cross check every 15 minutes and picks up the contacts that are there in the Google Contact list and missing in Salesforce and automatically updates them in the existing contacts or creates a new account and adds them. It eliminates the chances of duplicates completely and also does an excellent job in managing the calendar and the emails. It will automatically check for the emails that are not updated in the Salesforce at regular intervals, add it there and mark it as a ‘completed task’. The Automagic Sync appdoes it all so flawlessly and it is a boon for all the sales management activities.

Konas Luggage: Modern Luggage with Tracking Device

For those whom travel a lot will know how it is possible for them to lose luggage along the way. There are increasing reports of luggage lost in the last few years by travelers from all around the globe, either at the airport or at hotels. And that should be a wakeup call for us to take any necessary precautions to it.

The modern technology has never sleep. In order to give alternative solution to the problem, Konas Luggage is created. Konas Luggage is the only luggage in the world that you can track it via your smartphone. Yes, the luggage is equipped with the latest GPS and tracking technology, in which once you have it synchronized to your phone, you will never lose it again. You can easily to track down the location and position of your luggage from your phone, making it easier for you to monitor your luggage, even during the flight time. In case of stolen or accidentally swapped luggage in the airport, the GPS tracking device planted on the luggage will save you a lot of troubles and pain in the future.

And GPS tracking isn’t the only capabilities the Konas Luggage has. Along with it, the luggage is also equipped with powerbank which allow you to recharge your smartphone during your traveling. Your phone and other devices will always be up even if there is no power source around.

Konas Luggage is available in various models and forms, dedicated for various purposes of usage. Even though the product is under development now, but you can contribute to it on Indiegogo and get access to the product when it first launched to the public. Visit Indiegogo for more detailed information about Konas Luggage and see the donation plans available. Each donation plan will give you different reward so you can choose one that suit your interest.

Piano Tiles: New Addictive Game App for Gadget Lovers

The gadget world has developed rapidly in the last few years. Now people can easily to connect with the others and browse internet contents from anywhere and at any time they want it. The fact is, gadget and internet have becoming major needs to accommodate our daily activities. And the rapid growth of gadget industry also give positive impact to the gaming industry. Both gadget and game industry is accommodating one to another, resulting on the rapid growth of both industry fields.

Any new gadget release will always be the best moment to introduce the market with some new contents or features the gadget has offered inside, including some new games included. Many websites and other sources has their own list for the most favorite gadget games. As for today, the best game on both Apple and Android devices would be Piano Tiles. This game consists of multiple squares with varies sizes and shapes. The goal is to tap on the squares with dark colors. It is so easy to play and it even doesn’t require high gadget specification. This simple game turns out to be really addictive that more and more gadget users are downloading it and playing it on their gadgets.

Piano Tiles game can be found and downloaded from many places, such as App Store of Apple and Play Store of Android. For more information about this game and how it can be at the number 1 spot in Apple’s AppStore, you can simply visit their official website at Here you will be informed about everything related to Piano Tiles game app as well as also installation guidance and some other information you possibly need to know about this addictive game. So, what else are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time for you to learn about Piano Tiles and about how it will be the best way to kill some time with it.