Autobot Transformer robots to Reality in Small Size Made by Brave Japanese Robotics



Your movie buff Transformer Robot featuring robots from another planet who could transform into cars, trucks or planes? It is true that what can be imagined people often become reality over time.

More advanced robotic technology that enables the development process of transformation from robot to car and vice versa can be done on a small scale by BRAVE ROBOTICS from Japan.

You can see a photo and a robot following a car that is a “robot” which is similar but has the ability to transform from one form to another.

The person behind this sophisticated mini robot Kenji Ishida is a hobby robots have managed to do so after his business for 10 years where he started from the beginning of the transformation of the robot legs just from 2002.

And he has not stopped here, he has a mission to create a fully-sized robot that can transform into a car that can drive with artificial intelligence in 2030.

If you are interested, can buy a robot is priced at 24000 USD in which the robot has a size of 1/12 compared to the actual size. The robot is made with a 3D printer and use lithium polymer batteries. And do not delay to buy because Kenji Ishida will only make 10 robot is version 7.1.

Even more interesting than this robot, is its ability to fire “missiles” toys as well as a Wi-Fi-connected cameras on the front of the car or face robot.

In order not curious, take a look at these robots in action video into the car and vice versa, and when the robot is firing a bullet from his hand. In fact we can see the video from the camera mounted on a robot autobot this.

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