Amazon will utilize robotic drone aircraft alias for express package delivery purchase half hour



A newly disclosed power by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about his company’s policy . Bezos revealed that within the next few years , it will utilize unmanned aircraft to deliver the package to the consumer .

With the robotic aircraft , Amazon can send packets directly to the customers door . Not only that , this delivery model will also provide a time-efficient , which is about 30 minutes . The drone can carry packets with weights up to 2.2 kilograms .

Bezos explained that the unmanned aircraft to utilize a means of sending a package of goods is not only in science fiction . He also said that this project could be realized at least in the next four or five years .

Even so , there is the greatest obstacle if Amazon wants to use the robotic drone . The hurdle is how Amazon in order to obtain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) . Especially in terms of security .

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