Amazon Maps API Has Launched to the Public as an alternative to Google Maps API

Amazon Maps API

Amazon Maps API

Google Maps is probably today’s most popular mapping applications especially in mobile devices because it is always present in Android and iOS devices prior to version 6. But Amazon was smart to prepare a Kindle device mapping technology in order to avoid dependency on Google Maps with the launch of Amazon Maps API that has come out of beta, and final release alias already released to the public.

So the app developers for Kindle Fire is now able to use all the functionality with minimum bugs since version Amazon Maps has reached version 1.0.

The maker application for Kindle Fire like Hipmunk, Evernote, Trulia and Zillow are already using these APIs in their applications.

Amazon Maps API itself is actually part of the Amazon Mobile App SDK and has two main features:

Interactive Maps: You can insert a Map View in the application, and you can display the current location of the user, then switch between the standard map and satellite views

Custom Overlays. You can add business locations, landmarks, etc. with additional markers and pin your own

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