Alert! Nosy Malware Spreads on BlackBerry

malware on Blackberry

malware on Blackberry

BlackBerry users are encouraged to beware of malware threats. Websense Threat Seeker Network was intercepted by a malware campaign targeting BlackBerry users.

Mode used malware is done by sending email notifications as if they have created a new BlackBerry ID.

Message then continued, “To enjoy the full benefits of the BlackBerry ID, follow the instructions in the attached file.” This is where cyber criminals try to lure users into downloading malicious programs (malware).

Though email is a copy and paste directly from the BlackBerry ID email. So be careful with malware which is predicted to make such fuss. A total of 17 of 36 anti-virus identifies malware on Virus Total.

What will it do malware on your BlackBerry? He was able to run another executable file format and modify system registry to automatically start when the system starts the malware program. So do not let them control and steal personal data on your BlackBerry.

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