Advanced Combat Robot USD 1.35 million



TOKYO – Want to be a pilot a giant robot like in the movies? It seems now that desire can be realized. A company in Japan to create a giant robot that can be controlled by the people in it.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry Company based in Tokyo, creating a large-sized robot named Kuratas. Shaped like a robot combat is frightening.

And indeed this robot has advanced weapons system that is claimed to be firing 6000 rounds per minute. Pilots who are in it to control such weapons.

These robots will be sold to soaring prices, USD 1.35 million. But can be controlled directly in it, can also be controlled remotely with a smartphone like the iPhone is connected to a 3G network.

As reported by and quoted on Tuesday (7/31/2012), the robot is not always black. Buyer can order up to 16 colors as you wish.

Kuratas developed since 2010. He has four legs that can reach speeds of up to about 10 kilometers per hour. Regulation does not explain how later use to remember this robot equipped with weaponry.


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