7 Robots Inspired by Animals

fish robot

fish robot

Developments in the world of robotics increasingly amazing. One source of inspiration is abundant animal world.

Yes, many robots have been created by a form or function like some kind of animal. Its usefulness also vary.

Here are some advanced robots inspired from the animal, which was quoted by The Week, Tuesday (09/10/2012).

1. Turtle Robot

The robot scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology created a robot-inspired underwater turtles. His nickname is Naro Tartaruga.

Robot of aluminum can swim like a turtle, but at higher speeds. He was also able to swim very deep, up to 300 feet.

Indeed, the robot is intended to test the extent to which a robot can reach the depths of the ocean. Its control system using the remote control.

2. Snake Robot

Snakes include animals that are often used as inspiration in making robots. One of them made OC Robotics is based in the UK.

The 30 cm Robot will help doctors perform surgery tumor disease. He was driven to reach parts of the body that are difficult to achieve.

Currently, the robot is still a prototype. But the target will be tested in patients.

3. The crab robot

Crabs are not only used as food delicious nan. But also the inspiration for the manufacture of a robot named Morphex this.

Morphex made by a Norwegian engineer named Kare Harvlosen. The robot has six flexible legs that can move in sync.

The robot demonstrated to dance with the nimble and can turn themselves into a ball. Other functions are being developed.

4. Bee Robot

A group of Swiss scientists develop animal-inspired robotic bees. This robot is expected to help people in building certain buildings.

The robot can carry things like brick. Then autonomously construct a building with another bee robot based programming provided.

Hopefully, the robot can be useful in building a skyscraper in the future. But certainly not good news for construction workers who might lose their jobs.

5. Cockroach Robot

Cockroaches glance is an animal of no use. But it is very tough animals that used as inspiration in making a robot named Dynamic Autonomous sprawled Hexapod (DASH) is.

Scientists at the University of California of Berkeley will be used to help authorities in the affected areas. For example, to find the victims in a hidden place.

The form was something like a cockroach. He has six legs and can run fast.

6. Fish Robot

A flock of sophisticated robots ready to roam the ocean to detect pollution. Robot fish created by researchers in the UK and will be deployed in the waters of Spain.

With a length of 1.5 meters, the robot equipped with a detector to identify the sources of marine pollution, such as oil tankers or chemicals in the water. Price robots around 20,000 pounds per unit.

The robot can be operated independently and was designed to explore the ocean within a few months. It takes about 3 years to researchers at Essex University to make.

7. Bird Robot

The technicians at the German technology company, Festo, developed a robot called SmartBird. This robot can automatically air, just by flapping its wings in early aviation.

Markus Fischer as Head of Corporate Design at Festo demonstrates the ability of the audience watching the robot. The bird flew around the room perfectly and got a standing ovation.

SmartBird Inspired by gulls, with a larger form. Wings are about two feet and a frame made of carbon fiber. SmartBird movement can be controlled and monitored remotely via a radio link.

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