5 Reasons Windows Phone OS 8 Ready So Impressive

 Joe Belfiore windows phone 8 demo.

Joe Belfiore windows phone 8 demo.

Microsoft recently announced Windows Phone 8 as the newest mobile operating system. There are the expected long-term vision for the OS. It is not impossible, this OS is a strong competitor of an existing platform.

Not without a reason why Windows Phone 8 be reckoned with. According to technology website eWeek, Microsoft’s mobile OS is even very impressive.

Indeed, Windows Phone 8 will not be paired in the old. But that’s not the reason, it is not possible because the device is presented later is much more powerful.

Here are five reasons why Windows Phone 8 to be called an impressive mobile operating systems:

1. Although such ‘lick spittle’ own, Microsoft finally announced that the Windows Phone 8 will be supported with powerful processor capable of dual or quad core.

But not quite got there, Windows Phone 8 will run on Windows NT kernel, which is used to segment the entreprise. Well, with this technology-based mobile WP 8 will be able to be supported by 64 core processors.

2. Indeed, features Near Field Communication (NFC) is not a surprise anymore for now. But look on the bright side, with embedded NFC device users can perform a variety of data transfer by using a smartphone, including for the affairs of digital payments.

3. Yes, Microsoft made the right decision to make Windows Phone 8 runs on the Windows NT kernel. Because, thus closing the gap between the Windows desktop with a mobile version.

In addition to the consumer, of course enthusiastically welcomed this decision is the developer. Because the Windows desktop to mobile now been connected a ‘bridge’ connecting.

4. Some time ago, Nokia had become the leader in creating digital maps for handset applications. Thanks to the intimacy with Microsoft, finally the technology in Nokia Maps can be paired with Windows Phone 8.

Digital maps from Nokia is indeed famous for its appearance, including a navigation system that is superior. Certainly interesting when combined with Bing Maps service owned by Microsoft itself.

5. Enterprise became the main target will be enticed by Windows Phone 8. Microsoft also offers a very useful feature for konsmen company. One of them is, this remote device management.

With this operating system, IT staff will be able to control the mobile product to perform the work, and perhaps even monitor what employees are doing.

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