5 Events Internet uproar



DNSChanger action to make the virtual world commotion. Malicious programs that infect millions of computer users in the last year it made the FBI intervened. Impact, July 9 is a computer can not connect to the internet.

Estimated that, to date DNSChanger domino effect of the attack is delivered to the user’s computer in several areas, among them 64 thousand in the United States and 300 thousand in the whole world.

But do you know if the event is touted as the ‘little apocalypse’ internet is not the first place. Previously there was a similar incident. Indeed there is really happening, but there are only a figment.

The following events have occurred to the internet that lead to its own hype and no doubt cause a little loss of material things:

A. Melissa Virus

This is one of the email virus that makes a scene at the end of the 1990s. Created by David L Smith, Melissa was first known note on March 26, 1999, after infecting a computer.

Melissa virus crippled email client so it can not be used, because it is filled with multiple email received and sent the infected computer.

Although it is marred not too big, but corporate giants such as Lucent, Intel and Microsoft shut down its email feature for a while.

2. Y2K

More than USD 300 billion has been reported to be spent in preparation for the anticipated disaster called Y2K or Year 2 Kilo.

Quoted from Wikipedia, the Y2K is calculated by a computer error caused by the storage system on which only provides two digits for the year, assuming that the first two digits are “19”.

This is done in the 60’s when the first computer designed to save on storage media, but when the new year 2000 arrives, the computer may indicate that the date change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 1900.

This error will cause a major disaster is feared because the computer is also used to manage critical facilities such as nuclear power plants and aircraft. As a result, many companies around the world held a renewal in the field of computers, both software and hardware.

Although there are some problems in the system, but the feared catastrophe does not really happen.

3. Virus ‘I Love U’

This is the most well-known virus in the late 20th century. Virus ‘romantic’ has infected 55 million computers and causing losses of billions of dollars.

According to security software firm Symantec, the CIA and the British Parliament was forced to shut down their email systems to get rid of the threat.

Its name is derived from the subject of the email that users receive. And reached the peak of damage on May 4, 2000.

Email containing the virus consists of an attachment that says “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”. When activated, the computer worm overwrites all files on the host, attacking a copy of itself to every file.

4. Conficker April Fool

Yes, this virus spread precisely on 1 April 2009. The theme is interesting when it April Fools, conficker worm is able to infect up to 9 to 15 million computers at that time.

April Fools’ Conficker Virus is exploiting the MS DCOM RPC vulnerability is de facto 08-067 has a headache all computer users around the world.

5. Email virus ‘Here You Have’

It became one of the darkest day for Internet users. Because the users get an email with the subject ‘Here You Have’, which apparently contains a virus when opened is.

Email spread around the world, ‘hit’ network of major organizations such as Disney, NASA, Comcast, AIG, and Proctor & Gamble.

The virus is relatively harmless in that it only spam in your inbox – although in some cases make the employee is no longer able to use email.

However, given the scale of the company that got a virus, it is clear that this is not a bad program at random.

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