3d TV Without Glasses

Toshiba New 3D TV Glasses-free

Toshiba New 3D TV Glasses-free

Millions of people love to stop by the theater to watch their new or favorite movie on the big screen, but even more attend when it’s playing in 3D. Now, 3D movies aren’t just played on the big screen, but can be played in your home on your TV as well. These great and exciting TV’s allow you to watch what you’d like with effects that will blow your mind away. However, all of these new 3D Tv’s have a downside: You need to wear 3d glasses to enjoy the experience.

Toshiba’s new 3D Tv is the exception. The 3D no glasses TV are made to trick the eyes into seeing depth when really there isn’t any. This Toshiba TV has a custom designed screen unlike any other, featuring color pixels that are arranged into groups and a lens that gives out a line of light, adjusting your eyes to see light from different directions which creates depth.

However, the technology of this new TV is still being worked on. Those who have tried out the TV say that you have to find a “sweet spot” in front of the TV to make sure they get a good image. According to Toshiba, the distance from which you watching the TV is also important. The 3D effect is only to be seen within a 40-degree area in front of the set.

Viewers say that the 3D TV has a picture quality that isn’t forced or unnatural. However, viewers said that they noticed some parts that were unfocused during their viewing, meaning edges were a little blurry as well.

Right now, consumers in Japan will have the decision of keeping TV’s regular or bumping them up to 3D. Creating these highly-technological TV’s take an extreme amount of work and time, but according to regular 3D viewers, it is worth purchasing a 3D TV because it can be uncomfortable to wear glasses while watching. Although the availability of these TV’S will only be in Japan for a period of time, we can hope that they will make a hit in America as well.

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