36 Technology Companies to Support Developing World Tizen OS



Tizen operating system that was originally developed by Samsung with Intel now getting some corporate sponsorship world . Total there are 36 companies that are ready to be partners in the development of the open source OS . With so many partners who are ready to support the development of Tizen , the future course of this OS is expected to compete with other mobile operating systems such as Android , Windows Phone , BlackBerry , iOS and others .

36 partners are also derived from a variety of companies . For software companies , there TuneIn Radio , The Weather Channel , Konami and McAfee . And as previously announced , Nokia is also going to be one of the partners with Tizen application map HERE . There is also OpenMobile and eBay .

For the hardware part , there are three Japanese electronics company is ready backing Tizen . The three companies are Sharp , Panasonic and Systena . Especially for Systena , the company has officially released the tablet Tizen is intended for developers .

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