Level 10 M Mouse Futuristic BMW Innovations

Thermaltake Level 10 M

Thermaltake Level 10 M

What happens if the manufacturer of luxury cars such as BMW designed the mouse for gamers? In collaboration with Thermaltake, they managed to create a charming mouse.

Mouse was named Level 10 M, not only has the specifications that qualified for the gamers, but the design is presented really makes anyone in awe.

The shape is not common, not like other gamer mouse. Look there is a gap in the middle, like a hole. However, at the top is curved so that the hand can hold comfortably.

Then the question is equally sophisticated features. This optical mouse has 5000 DPI which can still be improved up to 8500 DPI. Then there are 5 pieces of the function buttons can be changed as desired.

As quoted from gizmodo, Tuesday (09/04/2012), this futuristic mouse planned to be marketed through a number of online stores for around USD 99.


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