5 American Weapons War art and Most Expensive Property

B-2 stealth bomber

B-2 stealth bomber

Here are the 5 America’s most advanced weapons of war and most expensive:

1. Iowa Class Battleship

In the period 1939 to 1942 at least has 4 units of the Iowa class battleships. Ships of this type required by the U.S. government in 1939 as the ultimate weapon to control the bat naval strength in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Indeed the U.S. government planned to make six ships of this type, but because of the large costs required at the time it was decided to only make four boats only. Ships of Iowa began the task for the entire fleet units on 22 February 1943, and now all of his unit had to retire in March 2006. The cost of making a ship at that time (1943) is approximately 1.8 billion USD. Actual costs would be kept confidential, but this is the calculation of the economic analysts at the time that has considered the factors of inflation and currency depreciation of the dollar. With the establishment of four ships worth 1.8 billion USD, meaning the total cost is $ 7.2 billion USD.

2. Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Still remember the moment of the debate between the two candidate American president John Mc Cain and Barack Obama discuss the presidential campaign when the defense department’s budget? Do you remember when John Mc Cain talk about making amphibious vehicle program that suck that big budgets are quoted from the taxpayers? Why would this be a very interesting? Not least because the costs are budgeted to make this a fighting machine. Job creation is true amphibious vehicle has been started since the 1970’s and continues to this day. With a full aluminum body of the vehicle, capable of the ocean and superior when fighting on land. 3 is controlled vehicle capable of carrying 17 people and personnel. Total costs already incurred to date is 15.9 billion USD. There has been no one else that has to be amphibious and served in the U.S. Defence official, just a prototype that is still being refined and developed. U.S. Defence Parties are still not satisfied with the performance of these vehicles because it can only operate for a maximum of 4.5 hours.

3. Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine.

Ohio-class nuclear submarine that is a real successor of the previous series of nuclear submarines, such as the Trident Class. Submarine was manned by 155 crew. Manufacture of submarines is extremely confidential, especially its nuclear reactor, there is no document that can be tracked. But, obviously, all of the following is a submarine propulsion system mechanical life support in it (separation of water into the air, purifying sea water) is designed to be capable of operating up to 100 years old submarine. What does it mean? Suppose that the submarine was filled with food material, and sail around the ocean, the submarine was only stopped when the material runs out of food, not because the fuel runs out. The cost of making the submarine is about 2 billion USD per unit. Currently the U.S. has 18 units of the Ohio-class nuclear submarines. Thus, the total worth of 18 billion USD.

4. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers

Giving the name of Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers are given to commemorate the heroes of United Flight Marine Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. All the aircraft carrier named for the average American heroes of the military, and President of the U.S. just as the USS John. Stennis, USS Carl Vinson, and USS Ronald Reagan. With a strengthened nuclear reactors as the driving motor, the USS Nimitz carrier fleet was first to strengthen the U.S. Navy on May 3, 1975. Until now there are 10 units of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier operations. With about 400 meters long, and manned by 5700 personnel, aircraft carriers cruising is the same as the Ohio-class submarines, capable of sailing around the ocean without stopping. The cost of making an aircraft carrier is about 4.5 billion USD, so if the price totalized whole of this fleet is 45 Billion USD.

5. B-2 stealth bomber

During the charge, none of these planes were shot down an enemy. This aircraft was manufactured as many as 21 units, where 1 unit has been dropped not because of fighting in homeport, Guam. By law, the Americans are not going to sell stealth aircraft (B-2 Spirit, F-22, F-117) to any country.

The cost of making this aircraft ranging from ideas, prototypes to production of a plane is 23 Billion USD. However, the price of a plane is 1.3 billion USD. When 21 units of aircraft that are ready to operate anywhere around the world multiplied by 1.3 billion USD plus the cost of 23 billion USD worth of research, then it’s all worth 50.3 billion USD.


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