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Galaxy S5 Full Specs with 16MP Camera and Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the flagship smartphone Samsung has announced a top official at the MWC 2014 and has been eagerly awaited by fansboy Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace them . Samsung Galaxy S5 was present with a myriad of advantages and new features to maintain market dominance of Android with the Galaxy series of Samsung .

Let’s look at each one as well as the specifications of the new features of the Galaxy S5 .

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Online ID Badge Maker for Fast and Efficient Badge Creating Solution

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Find The Best DUI Attorney for Your Case

Drunk driving or driving under influence has become a common thing in our society. Well, the poor phenomenon leads to the increasing number of experienced DUI attorney. If we need DUI attorney or we want to choose the right attorney before we have such case, then these tips might be helpful. The best drunk-driving attorney usually comes from references. It can be friends or family’s references. We can say that because people who have experience with the attorney can inform us not only on the attorney’s performance, but also character.

One of the best ways to find DUI attorney is by coming to the court and see the attorney’s action. A thing we have to remember when we are choosing an attorney is to also check the entire team. Good attorney is surrounded by good staff, so it would be better for us to check not only the background of the attorney, but also the staffs involved. Checking the attorney’s previous cases can be the solution to find the right attorney. By doing so, you will then be able to know their success rate and how capable they are in handling the case similar to yours.

Since DUI attorney will be our final fortress that either or not will release us from any charges or at least to get fair penalty, then we have to choose the right attorney and not taking any risk. If you decided to go online and happen to be in need for qualified DUI attorney in Cincinnati, the best place you can go about it will be The best legal workers can be found on this site. Not only DUI attorney, here at Law Offices of Scott A. Rubenstein you will also be able to find highly experienced attorneys with qualification in various cases, including OVI, drug crimes, sex offends, white-collar crime, and many others.

Solid Edge ST5: A CAD Software Review

The release of Solid Edge ST5 CAD software saw the Siemens PLM  team hit two milestones in terms of customer relationship and its commitment to providing the CAD community updated with a constant release of its major product, the 2D/3D drafting tool, Solid Edge. These two landmarks met by Solid Works are:

  • Integrating approximately 1300 features which were requested by the Solid Works community of users into the ST5 and
  • Releasing a memorandum stating that the software will now be released annually following the pattern already set by AutoCAD and MicroStation.

An Overview

Approximately 5 years ago, the Synchronous Technology methodology in mechanical CAD softwarewas used extensively in developing 2D and 3D designs. This methodology was incorporated into all releases by Siemens PLM from 2008 till date and the synchronous technology of Solid Edge follows the following algorithms in its modeling process:

  • Ordered/Regeneration Based Modeling: this is the initial design process that involves the use of basic features to draft either a linear, revolved, or swept extrusion of a model in a way that allows each succeeding feature of a model to be built on a previous model. This limits the adding of any constraints to future geometries of a model.
  • Direct: this feature allows users make changes to a model geometry without the user been constrained by the geometrical or topological features of the model. This simplifies the problems that may arise with imported models having their own constraints.
  • Synchronous: the CAD software provides parametric driven modeling due to its ability to synchronize a model’s geometry, parameters and rules. According to the Siemens PR release statement, the Object Action Interface provides users with the ability to directly manipulate objects or models.

Solid Edge ST5 Features and Functionalities

Solid Edge raised its 3D modeling bar in this version by providing features and tools to allow for more in-depth 3D modeling than its previous releases. These features include:

  • Multi body Modeling: for mesh modeling, extrusion and generating 3D models from 2D drafts.
  • Wire Harnessing: for mechanical and electrical engineers, Solid Edge has always provided tools and features to assist with complex wiring problems and the ST5 is no different. It allows users design wiring components, nail boards for harness designs.
  • Advanced Simulations: with the ST5 CAD software, engineers can use its simulation tools and features to create simulations for thermal and mechanical systems as quickly as possible while eliminating the need to create a prototype before testing products level of performance.

Solid Edge ST5 Networking Features

Discovering the need to make the ST5 anintegrated building platform, Siemens PLM proceeded to incorporate extra features such as file sharing, networking between multiple users and enabling the import and export of different file formats on the interface. Solid Edge currently supports all major file formats which include; DWG, DWF, PDF etc.


The wide spread use of mobile CAD software applications to remotely control workspaces as well as conduct some simple editing and drafting assignments by AutoCAD and other CAD applications spurred Solid Edge’s decision to create an iPad application known as the iPad Viewer for users to perform the following activities:

  • Hide or showcase the dimensions, assembled components and annotations of an already designed model
  • Manipulate how a model is viewed with the use of touch features to rotate, move or pan or zoom a particular model
  • Save images, designs or models and transfer them through mailing
  • Check out superficial information about a model such as, file name, size etc.

Web Performance And Acceleration For Your Business

When it comes to optimizing your website’s performance and accelerating its ability to deliver the right kind of content to your customers, you know that you have to rely on the right kind of service providers.

The importance of ensuring that your website is performing at top levels is critical because your website:

  • Is a business tool that can hook customers from the minute they visit it
  • Is capable of performing marketing and promotional exercises for you and
  • Can be a huge game changer for your social media or social networking strategy as well.

Therefore, looking for the services of companies such as GlobalDots who can help you make sense of all the web performance and acceleration technologies in the market can indeed go a long way in helping you enhance your business operations.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when you are looking for the right kind of support for your website’s performance.

Speaking of load times

According to one survey, slow download times have a huge negative impact on the business and brand image. In the fast paced world of Internet, even a second’s delay can get converted into a 7% loss as far as customer conversions go. It also means significantly lower customer satisfaction. And once your business’s reputation has taken a beating, it is going to be extremely difficult to bounce back. Therefore, going in for technology that allows faster web load times is critical.

Web applications

Web applications are indeed going a very long way in enhancing user experience. Plenty of service providers go in for cloud-based services that allow you to enjoy dynamic Web acceleration and the ability to pull content from the cloud. This simply means that your customers get to enjoy a hugely enriching experience with your website. Therefore, web performance and acceleration can certainly be placed in the hands of a company which has cloud computing backup.

Browser rendering

This is one practice that can go a long way in helping you accelerate your website’s performance. You could also concentrate on:

  • Minimizing the time that data requests take – the more the trips that data requests make between server to server, the more the download time
  • Reducing payload size and
  • Caching tools.

As far as browser rendering goes, you need to ensure that your focus on performance optimization includes the browser side operations as well. Some of the ways in which you can do this are by eliminating inefficient key selectors and minimizing the number of rules that your engine has to evaluate.

Performance of TCP

TCP or transmission control protocol is another area where the performance needs to be optimized. The performance of the TCP allows faster exchange of data between the devices connected via the Internet. When you deploy TCP acceleration solutions, you get to enjoy fast exchange of data and dynamic content.

Thus, when you go in for web performance and acceleration solutions delivered to you by the right kind of service provider, you get to enjoy significant enhancements in the way your website performs. This directly translates into better customer satisfaction and more revenues for your business.