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Olympus Stylus SP-100EE IHS, which Delivers Latest Camera Features 50x Optical Zoom

Olympus Stylus SP-100EE IHS

Olympus Stylus SP-100EE IHS

Olympus has just introduced a new camera called the Stylus SP – 100EE IHS . This camera also rely on his feature named Eagle Eye which offers up to 50x optical zoom capability .

With these capabilities , this camera can take photos from a distance with very good . Even if incomplete , this camera also has a 50x digital zoom capability . So overall , this camera offers the ability to zoom up to 100x .

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Ground Transient Filtering Technology

Ground transients are surges that most surge protectors simply can’t handle. A surge through the ground can range from an annoyance to a catastrophic event that can bypass most any surge protection system, making them an uncommon but substantial threat to mission-critical items. There are items on the market you can buy now to deal with these, however. The key is in knowing what to look for.

The key to dealing with ground transients is to filter them. This will require a different frequency device depending on the nature of the ground you are trying to protect. However, this is a difficult matter to resolve, and that is why it was a period of decades before any devices were patented to reliably work with different ground lines. The key is in filtering transients without interfering with the ground itself. There are now devices that can be mounted directly on the ground line to fulfill this purpose.

Older methods required systems that would minimize impedance, but these tended to be ineffectual at intervening with all ground transient events. Solid state devices were more generally effective, but their function could be substantially altered over time as current varied, making them unreliable. That is why these solutions were never approved for safety reasons.

The patented solution that meets regulatory requirements allows surge current to filter back through the transformer in the case of significant overage. This allows a device with very low impedance to filter much larger surges safely while still allowing for a heavy ground line.

South Korea will present mobile Internet access speed 300 mbps at the end of 2014



South Korea is one country that is known for the highest internet speed in the world . And Internet users in the country was going to increasingly spoiled when using mobile devices . One of the local telephone operator , SK Telecom will bring the mobile Internet services with speeds of up to 300 Mbps by the end of 2014.

To bring these services , SK Telecom also uses a new technology called LTE – Advanced 3band . This technology is an improvement of LTE and LTE – Advanced . As known , the LTE technology could bring Internet access to 75Mbps , while LTE – Advanced increased to 150Mbps . 3band and LTE -Advanced technologies can provide increased access speed is very significant .

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The secret of amazingly productive sales teams

Some companies sell a lot more than others and you’re probably wondering what makes their sales team so productive. Your sales reps are not so bad, they might even be amazing, so why don’t you get the same results as those successful companies? One reason is that successful companies manage their data more efficiently.

Conversations with leads and clients get sometimes lost among the hundreds of emails the average sales rep receives every week. Many more are neglected because one sales reps thinks another one is taking care of that account when, in fact, nobody is taking care of it. When they actually try to make sense of all this mess, they invest hours of their valuable time in sorting their inbox. Not to mention the bad image already created for your potential customers who had no responses and the dramatic decrease in your chances to close the deal.

Floating Apps has decided to help sales reps better manage their leads and accounts. They use APIs to capture all relevant data and apply advanced algorithms to keep it organized in Google Apps and Salesforce. By a seamless and automatic integration between Salesforce and Google Apps, provided by their app AutoMagic Sync, all the relevant contacts, events and emails will be at the right place and up-to-date. Another of their apps, Timelines, displays the activity history of an account in a very intuitive and insightful way.

One main feature of their app is the syncing between Gmail and Salesforce. It gathers in Salesforce all the emails sent to and received from contacts. It goes through every email in which a Salesforce contact is the sender or a recipient and assigns each one to the right account, the correct owner and removes duplicates. That sync generates an accurate activity history for the sales rep and the manager, which will help the former to manage the relationship with a customer and the latter to give useful guidelines and coaching to the rep. There will no longer be any mix-ups and you will always know who brought a certain client into the firm’s portfolio and how much effort every member of the team has put in.

Yet the smartest thing may be the Google Contacts and Salesforce integration. In sales, contacts are incredibly important, everything starts from having the contact of the right person and the right reference. Losing a contact may not be noticed at first but costs the firm because it’s a lost customer and creates a bad reputation. That gives you the power to easily transfer a contact from a sales rep to another and manage changes of employees easily. Even if someone leaves the company, you will still have all the contacts. Acknowledging that contacts are a huge asset in a company, isn’t it a big advantage?

Instead of making the sales rep waste time by inputting contacts manually into the CRM you can have all this done automatically. This will clear up hours of the sales rep`s time and will insure an up-to-date CRM, As you know, an organized system is one that makes money.

What`s the best thing about this app? It’s that it does not ask any effort on your part. Complex softwares often have low adoption rates, but this app just does the work intelligently, asking the strict minimum from sales rep, which will guaranty a high adoption rate. You don’t even have to waste an hour to install it, the integration is instant.

Google Apps is excellent for business and a great tool, but it is still incomplete as it does not integrate with Salesforce and requires a lot of time from Sales reps to keep their data organized between both softwares. Increase productivity and simplify the life of your sales reps with just a few clicks. Learn more about Floating Apps and their new products.

Your priority is accessibility

Online retail can be a great business proposition. You can make it even better by knowing the ins and outs of aesthetics on the web. It isn’t hard to get a grasp of and it can provide you great value to understand the basics. The following are some simple tips anyone can apply to their eCommerce solutions to improve the overall look and feel of their site.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your priority is accessibility. There are a lot of fancy designs available on the web. Functional outranks fancy when you are trying to sell products. People are likely to abandon buying anything on your site if they are frustrated with your interface. The benefits of an ornate interface are rarely outweighed by the accessibility of a simple and clean interface. Always have a few people disconnected from your eCommerce project try your interface before you push it live. They’ll be better judges of how usable it is due to their lack of familiarity.

If you want to make your site fancier and higher-end, apply it to features that are optional. Having intricate details is better saved for things that are kept to the side of your main business. This will allow customers who are interested to view them without hindering the rest.

The next thing is color. You want to pay close attention to the colors you use. Different colors can evoke different emotions. Bright red and bright yellow are usually bad ideas; these are associated with urgency and flight. They don’t encourage people to buy things. Greens are a better option. Green is soothing and can be easily associated with money. Blues look professional, especially in the tech world. Softer colors are ideal for more sedate websites used to market art or other highly specialized items.

Never underestimate the value of a modular service for some of your retail site. has a variety of shopping cart software solutions that can fill a variety of niches. Many of them are perfectly stylish, which will save you the trouble of having to fine-tune the look of your own programs.

Making your online retail site look snappy just takes a little practice. Choose pleasing colors, make sure everything is easy to read and reduce the number of steps from a user finding your site to their making a purchase. The fewer the steps, the more convenient your site and the more likely they are to make a purchase. You can’t go wrong going simpler.

Place to Find Good and Affordable Satellite Phone

There are times and conditions that require us to have satellite phones. Unlike the conventional phone system, the satellite one uses literally a satellite to make/receive calls, transmit data, and so on. By directly connected to the communication satellite, it gives unlimited access to the satellite phone to make or receive calls from almost anywhere they are, even when there is no communication infrastructures around. This is why, satellite phones are so popular among various industrial and military world, since it’s the best communication solution available to accommodate their activities, especially when off-shore or abroad.

And purchasing satellite phone isn’t as simple as purchasing the conventional phones. You can’t simply go to the local phone shops to get one. Instead, you can only find and purchase it from authorized seller or suppliers. If you’re on the way of purchasing satellite phone shortly, here we’d recommend you to try The site has everything you possibly needed to accommodate all your needs related to these sat phones. They have years of experience in the field, so that you can always count on them for satisfying service and guidance. Even those whose lack experience on these stuffs may easily to learn about sat phone and get the best suited to your needs by entering the site.

There are a lot of things you need to know before purchasing sat phone. Know the fact that varies sat phone plans are available to choose. Each of the plans has difference in satellite phone service range, price, and connectivity quality. This is why, you’re advised to ask the experts in order to find one that suit your need and budget. And at SatPhoneCity you can find information about these plans, so that you can easily to compare them all and find the best among the list. Try the site and get the best plan for your next activity.

Tips and Guides to Start a New Site for Beginners

In modern era nowadays, it is essential for your business to have a website. Know the fact that cyber market has rapid growth in the last few years. More and more people prefer going online to find services or products. And having a website for your business will help anyone who needs your products or services in the future. Starting up a website isn’t that expensive. With only as low as $30 – $50, you’ll be able to create a website for your business and run it. Here are few tips and guides on how to create a website.

The very first thing to do is finding the right name for your website, and in this case it called domain name. Your domain name should reflect your business entirely. Some businesses used their company’s name as their domain; however, you can also use another name you like best. Few tips here, your domain name should be easy to remember, easy to spell, isn’t too long, and yes, it should give hint on what the site’s content is all about. Create at least 5 alternative domain names and then go ahead to the next step.

Once you’ve found your favorite names, now it’s time to register it. There are many domain registrars you can find online, such as or others. Most of these registrars has domain search feature that allow you to check if the domain name you choose has already occupied by others. However, if that happen, you’ll still be offered with alternative extensions that are still available to pick. About the price, at you can register a domain name with .com extension in as low as $13. Some discounts may be available, so you can save more on it.

So the domain has been registered, what next? It’s time to find a host for your domain. A hosting service is like a house, while the domain is the address. The host is the place where you can put all your site content to be seen by visitors. It is important for you to find a reputable hosting company with reliable service, so that your website will be reachable 24/7. Aside of the cheap Canadian domain names they offered, SiberName has also provided an affordable hosting service you can try. And the last, you may set up your new site, create content to it, develop it, and you’re ready to go.