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The Cheapest Way to Have Your Own Credit Card Processor

In this modern world a credit card machine is not an option but it’s definitely is an electronic device that all business entrepreneurs must have. This is due to the fact that the credit card machine is very helpful for processing the payment transactions using the credit cards. This is due to the fact that today customers generally prefer to pay the transactions using the credit cards instead of using the real money for flexibility and safety reasons. This might be a disaster for many small business owners because the credit card machines commonly are very expensive so the small business owners mostly can’t afford to buy one for their small business. It also means that they will find it difficult to assist the customers and to develop the business as well.

If you’re a small business owner then you don’t have to worry about such thing since you can now use the Payleven which is a mobile card reader that also serves as a credit card processor as well. If you need to know more click here.  Payleven can be the best solution for any small business owners to grow their business bigger because with Payleven they can assist the customers if they want to pay using their credit cards. Besides, Payleven is very handy since it has the same size and same weight as a mobile phone so you can carry it everywhere you want.

When you want to use the Payleven for a credit card payment transaction you can also connect the device with any mobile printing device to get the printed receipts. Processing the credit card payment using Payleven is also very easy and quick. You’re very welcomed to visit to know more detailed specifications of Payleven and other features as well.

Order Customized Software Solutions for Your Company

There are ways you can do to earn more money. By adding more business, you can add more income and gain success. Nowadays, you can find more people who have more than one business at time. It is because there are many of software solutions available in the market to save time and energy. It is important to choose the right software solution for your business. Software solutions usually are ordered by company in order to make it easier to run business. At this time, you can find many of software solution vendors in the market. Each of them is trying to offer the best solution for business owner.

Choosing one of them can be a daunting task. Do not choose random vendor and order random software for your business, because it will ends with frustration and expense. It is important to choose the right vendor with years of experience to order the best software for your company. Best vendor will design customized programs such as cash flow management app that fit your business’s needs.  The right program will improve efficiency and help your staffs to work faster and easier. If you are IT companies, e-banking companies, or e-commerce companies, you need to choose the right software company to gain success.

At this time, you can order mobile app, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript/Ajax, CRM Solutions, and ERP Solutions for your business from GP Solutions. They provide doubtless competence and able to work with defined deadlines. They also offer 100% satisfaction to clients.  If you want your company to grow stronger in the future, you need to know the right software solution company to collaborate with. Don’t forget to check previous clients’ testimonial to know their service. Check further details about software solutions for your company from GP Solutions on the official website.

New York Police Department Advises Users to Update your iPhone to iOS 7



For those of you New Yorkers should be proud because Apple gets a free marketing tool of the New York police (NYPD). In a recent announcement, the New York police advise users of the iPhone in one of the world’s biggest cities.

In the circular, “NYPD” saying that the update to iOS 7 can reduce crime such as theft “iPhone”. NYPD party said that the latest operating system from Apple that comes with the “Apple ID”. And iPhone thief could not access the phone except using the iPhone with ID password.

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An Attractive and Highly Functional Store

If you own a business that sells a product or a service, you must have an attractive and highly functional store. You need a sales and shopping cart program that is easy for a customer to use. In addition, if you are like the vast majority of business owners, you work hard to contain costs. With all of this in mind, the small business web design at products and services represent the perfect resource for a business venture of any type. Thanks to, you can design a great looking online store, even if you have no experience at all. You can have your store up and running in no time at all — and not break your budget in the process. also offers a business owner the ability to utilize tools that attract new customers with highly effective search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. also assists in improving conversion rates through an exclusive, proprietary checkout system. What this means is that more people who business your business’s store will actually make a purchase — increasing your revenue and profits without extra work on your part. offers a business different packages to ensure a particular enterprise can obtain precisely what it needs to enhance its sales, all within a price range that fits into that company’s budget.

Online Backup Services to Secure Your Important Files

In some cases, maintaining our files’ security becomes really essential. Supposed you have sensitive files on your desktop, the best thing you can do to keep it secured is to have files backup plan enabled to it. Such a reliable files backup service will enable you to back up all these important files periodically. That means, when something goes wrong or you just accidentally damaging your files, you’ll still be able to have the copy files secured somewhere out there. And for your information, there are hundreds online backup services are available in today market. Finding the best among them may be a difficult task to accomplish.

And for those who are simply lost the compass in finding the best online files backup services, it is strongly recommended to try This site here will be able to provide you any information related to backup services, including detailed information of how it works, some technical terms you should know, and much more. Here you can even find some reviews of the top online backup services available in the market today, so you can compare them all to find one that is best suited to your specific backup needs.

As many might already knew, online back up plans may cost you really expensive. However, that doesn’t mean such a good-quality back up plan is not existed. The chance is that many online backup service providers are providing base or regular plan for free, but surely with some service restrictions and very limited space given. For personal use, most of these base plans are more than enough to accommodate all your needs, while corporate users may consider purchasing premium plans for more advanced backup service and utilities. Visit the site now, learn more about these online backup services and get all those important files secured right away.

Why the Insurance Industry Needs Cloud Integration

The need for cloud integration in the insurance industry has only increased. Consolidation, business growth, a tough regulatory environment, continuing political and legal change, and burgeoning fraud all require data quality and integrity. Additionally, the widespread adoption of cloud-based CRM by the industry calls for the integration of high volumes of disparate data from adjusters, brokers, service providers, underwriters, and related professionals.

Cloud integration tools make it possible to synchronize business-critical data from front- and back-office systems, in turn making agency management and other industry systems significantly more efficient and accurate.

What are the use cases?

Five reasons for adopting cloud integration come immediately to mind.

  • Information Integration. As mentioned earlier, insurance carriers are turning to cloud-based CRM systems, such as Salesforce CRM, in great numbers. These integration systems are easy to use, attractively priced, and customizable. Cloud integration allows carriers to assemble the information needed by wholesale brokers from multiple sources, synchronize it, and ensure its quality. For example, theSalesforce integration process pulls data from contract and licensing systems, which indicate the products that independent brokers and agents can sell and from policy administration systems that keep a record of what’s already been sold.
  • Agency and Broker Management.Policy administration systems provide the data that create a single view of the customer. Agents and brokers use that data to spot cross-sell and upsell opportunities and to pinpoint when policies are up for renewal. Cloud integration delivers this data from carriers’ back office systems to CRM desktops, essentially allowing carriers, agents, and brokers alike to derive full value from theirSalesforce data.
  • Compliance. Industry standards, such as ACORD, govern information exchange between carriers and agents. In addition, all parties require accurate, synchronized data to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Cross-Organizational Access. Siloed information is common in the insurance industry. Rapidly breaking down those silos and enabling business units across an enterprise is critical to streamlining business processes, staying in compliance with standards and regulations, and, of course, pinpointing sales opportunities.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection. Fraud is involved in a staggering 10 percent of all insurance claims, costing billions of dollars every year. Fraud raises insurance rates and impacts profitability across the industry. Cloud integration aggregates and standardizes data, making it a lot easier to detect patterns of suspicious behavior.

The insurance industry is an excellent example of the benefits conferred by data integration across cloud and legacy applications. But it’s by no means the only one. Consider B2C operations that sell online, government and public safety agencies, and high tech enterprises. They can all profit from a single view of their customers.

Japanese Researchers Create Robot Controller Environment Equipped with Android Smartphones



Researchers from the Laboratory ‘Takanishi Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University of Japan’ has recently announced the construction of a robot co-developed regulatory environment Kokushikan University and Japan Robotech. The uniqueness of the robot’s environment watchdog is the existence of an ‘Android smartphone’ to perform its functions.

This Android smartphone is a mobile robot from Sony Mobile, namely “Sony Xperia So-05D”. In the smartphone also pinned a special application which is used to control the movement of motors and sensors on the robot. The specific applications will be periodically measured data from the GPS, camera or external sensor. Furthermore, these data will be uploaded to the cloud service Google Drive to use the mobile network.

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