The presence of satellite tracking aircraft in the World Will Soon Launch In



A new network of monitoring all aircraft in flight in real time, will be coming soon. The plan, the satellite will be launched in 2015. Global communications company, Iradium, promised to launch a satellite tracker for an aircraft that is lifted up. By placing tracking devices on communications satellites, Iridium will be able to monitor and track each aircraft throughout the world in no time.

The new system is based global tracking system also will cut flight time and open up new routes. By doing so, will automatically save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “This is a quantum improvement over the way we operate,” said John Crichton, President of Nav Canada, a private company that provides air traffic control services in Canada. Nav Canada intends to be the first customer for this new service, which will be offered by the spin-off company called Iridium Aireon. Not only is Nav Canada, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is also interested in using this service.

The project was constructed in an effort to improve the quality of the radar tracking of aircraft systems to the GPS navigation satellite signals. However, currently only ten percent of the planet that has a GPS receiver system capable of picking up signals from the aircraft. These conditions limit the aircraft to fly routes, especially to cross the ocean or when flying over the poles of the planet. Iridium is also planning to put GPS on all next-generation satellites. The main focus of this network is used for mobile communications globally. The new network covers 66 operational aircraft and six spacecraft that will orbit spares.

According to the plan, this system will Launching on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, in early 2015. “There will be no more black dots scattered in the world,” said CEO of Iridium, Matt Dej. Project Adviser Russ Chew, who is also the founder of Jet Blue Airways and Manager of Operations FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) estimates that with the new system, airlines will save the cost between U.S. $ 6 – U.S. $ 8 billion for more than 12 years to the route of the North Atlantic , North Pacific and Central Pacific. In addition, cut carbon emissions equivalent to two million cars off the road each year.

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